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July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Cornerstone OnDemand, Moodle, Cypher Learning and others in Learning Management Systems. Updated: July 2022.
621,327 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The most valuable features of Moodle are the ability to create assignments, divide them into teams, and the course delivery. In Cornerstone, I need to reach out to the team, and it is not as simple, a little more involved. Additionally, the solutions is easy to manage.""They have made it really easy for you to see the flow on the forums. The information is well organized and the UI is fairly easy to navigate.""It is relatively easy to use to build processes for establishing and conducting work within the templates that are used. It is not that hard to follow along or use, and it is pretty simple to pick it up and run with it.""The number of permissions that are available and different ways to report and get the information out are the most valuable features. We have been able to get precise bits of information out, and we have also been able to delegate a lot.""Cost-effective and intuitive.""It doesn't take long to learn how to use it and to set up basic courses and things like that.""Moodle has a vast array of features which are really useful for the work our company does. Moodle hosts the courses through online systems and also offers quizzes and badges which our customers frequently use.""The best thing about Moodle is that it is open source and has many useful plugins. It is a great solution for an organization that needs modifications and customization."

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"Compared to other platforms, it is very user-friendly and intuitive, and both teachers and students can easily find what they need and use the functions without extensive training.""I also like the discussion board a lot because students can give their opinions there and interact with each other. For me, as an English teacher, it is also important because they practice writing in a real context.""One of the features that is very good is the automation for setting trigger rules that show or hide specific class sections or assignments.""I like that you can choose your home screen widget. We have a centralized calendar that sends a reminder to students about tasks that are due.""The first point is the ease of use. It is a very easy platform to use, especially for students and families, with a very friendly layout. It also has a series of support systems, including communication with parents, students, the ability to invoice for online courses, and other qualities that make the system very versatile and facilitate a teacher's work.""It has 100% helped me organize my time. It provides more time for interaction and feedback with my students, both in the classroom or personally. This is why I consider the solution as an achievement. It feels more collaborative in the sense that planning not only depends on me, but also on my students.""It is very easy for educators to communicate with students using NEO. The entire community is on the platform and we all know the process. There is fluid, fast, and effective communication that consists of sources that give us what we need to continue our educational processes.""NEO is the main way to communicate with students. In NEO, everything is recorded, including messages about tasks. I like that the messages are registered in the system. This way, I can keep track of students' efforts. We have a WhatsApp group and students also have my email, but I ask them to communicate through NEO. The university administrators review teachers' data through NEO. So, in case of any complaints, everything is registered there."

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"The UI and interface of Moodle could be greatly improved. There has been some improvement in recent releases by Moodle but there is still a lot to be improved upon. It is challenging to get buy-in from different stakeholders when they see what it looks like.""The multi-tenancy system within Moodle could be improved. IOMAD is what makes the multi-tenancy possible but this comes with many issues.""Moodle should improve the interface. You can download plugins, such as templates, and use them in Moodle, but they're limited. The interface component in Moodle can improve for students because we always have to train every student on how to use some of each feature. The solution overall could be more user-friendly.""Setting up groups and allocating privacy settings to different groups is quite complicated.""We have needed to complete many customizations for Moodle to use it in all of our relevant organizations. We have found many issues with the competencies as we cannot assign many sub competencies to competencies.""The ability to input modified, individual, independent grades in a grade center component is not just hard. It almost always requires you to get tech involved. When you're dealing with a learning system where you have people in an open enrollment with all different levels of learning modes or methodologies, and as well as a worldwide student body, you end up with situations where you have to absolutely exempt somebody from a grade or an assignment and enter a new, different kind of assignment because of their skillset or lack thereof. You can't do that in Moodle. It is virtually impossible to do that in Moodle without having a tech do it for you, and when you have to have that level of tech support, it becomes problematic. They need to fix the grade book center. It is the part where you do evaluations. They need to fix it so that the individual professors can make changes directly without having to get a hold of tech support to do it for them.""They need to have a better way to illustrate competencies so that, when people go through the programs, they can actually show they are competent in the subject matter.""Moodle could improve by being more user-friendly. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn't. If you get stuck, then you don't have a point of contact. Additionally, a VPN is required to make sure the connection is secured."

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"The list of students needs to be organized according to gender. The list of students in the product contains both male and female students, whereas, in our grading system, we list the male students followed by the female students.""The gamification option is a section that we have not learned because we have not been able to specify a training space for the use of this gamification tab. However, it would be good to have training and learn about how to use it.""The parents' training was not adequate. Parents say that it wasn't user-friendly for them.""I would like to see better integration of the platform with Zoom or Meet so that programming of video conferences would be much more interactive within those platforms. Currently, if we have to do a conference in Zoom or Meet, we have to leave the platform because we cannot do so directly within it.""Perhaps there is room for improvement in the gamification part. I have used it but it has not been very clear to me. It may be my responsibility for not asking about it in the training sessions, but the way you use it is not so clear.""An important addition would be training so that we can exploit the platform much more. The platform is advancing and being updated. It is important to know and understand everything in more detail, and how to work with it.""There is a section where you can create games and tools. I don't know if it is because I didn't have the training, but I couldn't use the gamification tools. I would like them to create a link with a tutorial explaining how to do this from the platform.""I would like to see an improvement in peer bonding and the possibility for students to share knowledge among themselves regarding the work that they do. That would greatly help in that it wouldn’t be a one-to-many communication format."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It varies depending on the partner you're going with. It depends on whether they are a certified partner or not. It also varies depending on the demand. Usually, with Moodle and other LMSs, there is concurrent licensing. It's hard to figure out the best way to do it at the company that is selling the LMS. Moodle is usually one of the most cost-effective LMSs you can get."
  • "This solution offers a free-to-use version which can be deployed only on-premises and is what we are using. Moodle also offer support based and cloud based subscriptions. Organizations can select the appropriate package based on their needs. Moodle offer reasonable pricing for the use of their solution."
  • "Moodle is a free open-sourced solution. This is one of the best aspects of Moodle."
  • "Moodle offer a 14 day free trial and then requires payment."
  • "It is a one-time registration with the Moodle site. There isn't a yearly or monthly fee."
  • "Moodle is free. It should probably stay free. There isn't really any support for Moodle unless you pay an astronomical amount, which is weird."
  • "Moodle have a very robust licensing system that is user friendly. It's not very expensive."
  • "Moodle is a free solution."
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  • "We have compared pricing with different vendors and found that NEO LMS was the most reasonable."
  • "NEO is a bit more expensive than our previous solution."
  • "NEO's price is good."
  • "It has helped us save from 90% to 100% of our costs. The most valuable thing that we have earned in the last three years is time, e.g., my personal time versus my work time. There is more harmony."
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    621,327 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:A really nice thing about Moodle is that it is very robust and flexible, and one of the big advantages of Moodle is that it is open source. It also has a lot of free documentation.
    Top Answer:Moodle Mobile is a really good area for improvement. All of 4.0 hasn't been released yet, and Moodle Mobile is not yet available for all different devices. Some of the activities can be deprecated… more »
    Top Answer:I have used Moodle as a learning management system to complete my mandatory courses, such as POSH.
    Top Answer:I like that you can choose your home screen widget. We have a centralized calendar that sends a reminder to students about tasks that are due.
    Top Answer:NEO is a bit more expensive than our previous solution.
    Top Answer:I find the automation and adaptive learning purposes of NEO quite interesting. However, we haven't been shown much about the automation menu. This year, there was an update with the widgets. It seems… more »
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    Moodle is a free online learning management system, providing educators around the world with an open source solution for e-learning that is scalable, customisable and secure with the largest selection of activities available. Moodle is supported by an active network of certified Moodle Partners to assist with support and an active community of developers, users and supporters.

    NEO is an award-winning learning management system for schools and universities. The platform integrates all the tools schools need to support effective teaching and learning.

    NEO is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that provides learning platforms for organizations worldwide. The company also has MATRIX, an LMS for businesses, and INDIE for entrepreneurs.

    CYPHER LEARNING products are used by more than 20,000 organizations around the world, have millions of users, and have won several awards.

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    Buyer's Guide
    Learning Management Systems
    July 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Cornerstone OnDemand, Moodle, Cypher Learning and others in Learning Management Systems. Updated: July 2022.
    621,327 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Moodle is ranked 2nd in Learning Management Systems with 18 reviews while NEO LMS is ranked 3rd in Learning Management Systems with 9 reviews. Moodle is rated 7.8, while NEO LMS is rated 9.2. The top reviewer of Moodle writes "Plenty of modules, highly flexible, and advantageous different user types". On the other hand, the top reviewer of NEO LMS writes "We have been able to focus, in the midst of the pandemic, on the well-being of the students". Moodle is most compared with Google Classroom, SAP SuccessFactors Learning, Cornerstone Learning and TalentLMS, whereas NEO LMS is most compared with MATRIX LMS.

    See our list of best Learning Management Systems vendors.

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