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Jitterbit Harmony
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Data Integration (37th), Workload Automation (21st), Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) (13th)
Matillion ETL
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Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Cloud Data Integration category, the mindshare of Jitterbit Harmony is 1.9%, up from 0.9% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Matillion ETL is 4.5%, down from 5.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud Data Integration
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Data Integration
Workload Automation
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Featured Reviews

Mohamed Abd Kader - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 27, 2023
An easy-to-setup solution with good stability
We use Jitterbit to connect cloud solutions with our on-premises ERP system We connect cloud solutions to our on-premise ERP system easily using Jitterbit. It is its most valuable feature.  The solution's API management capabilities need improvement. We have been using the solution for almost…
May 23, 2024
Helps us monitor real-time data, but the scalability needs improvement
In a project where we migrated from on-prem solutions to the cloud, we used Matillion and Snowflake, which streamlined the process significantly Matillion ETL's ability to conduct end-to-end data migration is valuable. We can create jobs, monitor them, and manage workflows effectively. The…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The fluid user interface (probably the most user friendly interface, when compared to its competitors)."
"Jitterbit handles the most lines of data in a .csv and loads the quickest of any data loader I have tried."
"Integrity, ease of use, user-friendly user interface, and errorless logs are the most valuable features."
"Jitterbit provides the ability to quickly map data between files and databases."
"The Cloud Console for monitoring and troubleshooting data operations."
"It is a scalable solution."
"Easy integration with Salesforce"
"It runs like an appliance and has tremendous throughput."
"The most valuable feature of Matillion ETL is its ease of use. If you have had some experience with other solutions, such as Snowflake, the use of this solution will be simple."
"It takes less than five minutes to set up and delivers results. It is much quicker than traditional ETL technologies."
"It has improved the costs of managing my customer’s data."
"We allow non-technical people to use Matillion to load data into our data warehouse for reporting. Thus, it is easy enough to use that we don't always have to get a technical person involved in setting up a data movement (ETL)."
"It's been able to do everything we require."
"Matillion ETL helps manage data movement, ingestion, and transformation through pipelines."
"It's highly scalable. It takes upon itself the Redshift scalability, so it's very good."
"It has good integrations with Amazon Redshift and other AWS services."


"You need to have some development skills or hire a Jitterbit engineer to make changes."
"The initial setup can be a little bit difficult."
"Sometimes we experience disconnections and I have to close all Jitterbit programs."
"In the past few months, there have been some server downtimes during work hours that have affected some critical scheduled integrations."
"Its API management capabilities need improvement."
"Looping through complex data structures can be difficult."
"Sometimes additional connectors are needed."
"I know with Salesforce updating the UI like they did, it slowed it down a lot."
"Matillion’s on-premises capabilities don’t allow you to build something customized."
"There are certain functions that are available in other ETL tools which are still not present in Matillion ETL. It would be good to have more features."
"The product must enhance its near-real-time data capture feature."
"The tool's lineage is very weak."
"One of the features that's in development is data privacy in the cloud, along with further SAP integration. For connectivity to SAP systems."
"Sometimes, we have issues with the solution's stability and need to restart it for three weeks or more."
"I am looking forward to seeing the expansion of the source range for their data loader product."
"The improvement area could be possible if the tool provides better integration capabilities with other ecosystems, including governance tools or data cataloging tools, as it is currently an area where the solution is lacking."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Jitterbit was extremely cost effective for us compared to other options."
"The solution's cost is mid-ranged compared to other vendors."
"The added bonus is that Jitterbit doesn't charge for any data volume/traffic."
"Each business needs to determine if it is a mission critical aspect."
"The Jitterbit price is based upon endpoints. They also offer ERP connectors with their Enterprise edition"
"I do believe Jitterbit has one of the better pricing and licensing options out there compared to its competitors."
"The pricing depends on what edition the customer opts for. For example, the standard edition is priced at $2.00 per credit. And you are only charged when you use it. You're not charged when it's idle."
"Matillion ETL has a pay-as-you-go pricing model of a few dollars per hour of runtime."
"I think it is cost conscious. It used to be very cheap and they have more recently bumped up the pricing, so it is competitive now."
"It is cost-effective. Based on our use case, it's efficient and cheap. It saves a lot of money and our upfront costs are less."
"Matillion ETL is expensive."
"The AWS pricing and licensing are a cost-effective solution for data integration needs."
"It is not necessarily a cheap solution. However, it's reasonable priced, especially with the smaller machines that we run it on."
"It was very easy to purchase through the AWS Marketplace, but it was also expensive."
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Questions from the Community

What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Jitterbit Harmony Platform?
The solution's cost is mid-ranged compared to other vendors. I rate its pricing a six out of ten.
What needs improvement with Jitterbit Harmony Platform?
The solution's API management capabilities need improvement.
What do you like most about Matillion ETL?
The new version with the Productivity Cloud is very simple. It's easy to use, navigate, and understand.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Matillion ETL?
The pricing depends on what edition the customer opts for. For example, a standard edition and then business critical of different editions. Each of those has a different cost per unit, which is It...
What needs improvement with Matillion ETL?
The product's scalability needs improvement. Perhaps adding more connectors would be beneficial.

Also Known As

Jitterbit, Jitterbit Harmony
Matillion ETL for Redshift, Matillion ETL for Snowflake, Matillion ETL for BigQuery



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