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As of July 2024, in the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) category, the mindshare of GTB Technologies Inspector is 2.0%, down from 2.9% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention is 1.4%, down from 3.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Marcelo Grandchamp - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 25, 2024
Enables organizations to monitor the network and protect themselves from data leakage
The initial setup process is very simple and easy. We have no issues to do it for ourselves or our customers. The deployment takes less than 20 days. The integration is very simple. However, first, we must understand what we want to have on our network and what we want to prevent. If we don't have this information before we start the configuration, we will be lost. We must know what kind of protection we need in our company. We have LGPD in Brazil. It is similar to GDPR in Europe. It prevents any personal information from being linked to other companies without permission. We have to take care of the personal information of our customers, employees, and partners. To deploy the tool, we must understand what we need to do. We must download the whole package and have our infrastructure ready to receive it. We must get the SSL certification and start to configure our platform. When the process is finished, we must roll out a small portion of our network to ensure everything will be well. After that, we must do the full rollout.
Feb 19, 2024
Good for data blocking and security, content categorization, and generating accessibility reports
Our major use case is for data blocking and security, content categorization, and generating accessibility reports to track where data has been accessed, including email shares. Getting all these reports and keeping track of it all.  The most valuable feature is its basic DLP functionality.…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"I am impressed with the tool's ease of deployment."
"The most valuable feature is we can develop what we want. If we have an old or new requirement, they are able to support us to develop it all within one month."
"The main thing that I like about GTB is that it has a single agent for DLP and data classification. You can use the same agent. In terms of licensing too, it has a single license. When it comes to data classification, it supports open-source document platforms such as ChainSoft and OpenOffice."
"They have a fingerprint feature that is very awesome. OCR is very awesome to have too."
"The classifications in place are very helpful in making policies for ensuring sensitive data can be contained."
"The monitoring features are valuable."
"The product has a centralized console for everything."
"This solution helps classify what is confidential and what is not, allowing products to be installed at home if they do not contain confidential information."
"The product's initial setup phase was easy."
"The basic setup, like configuring servers or deploying the SaaS platform and agent implementation, is straightforward."
"We find the malware scanning and intrusion detection most valuable for our server management requirements. We can find out who is on our servers and what they have done."
"None of the Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention features worked well, but the solution had a straightforward setup."
"Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention is a reliable product."
"The most values feature of this solution are the micro DLP features."
"We are able to check the log and keep records."
"We use Trend Micro mainly to monitor user activities, such as tracking the websites they visit and purchase items. Additionally, we focus on identifying and addressing antivirus threats. We used to explore a feature related to proxy but decided against it as an enterprise solution wasn't readily available for us. Our primary use of Trend Micro revolves around end-user security. Integration with Active Directory has proven beneficial, allowing us to easily push updates or changes directly from the console."


"The solution could improve by providing additional availability requirements."
"The performance could be better."
"They have a roadmap for the Linux platform and Mac as well, and in the next quarter, they might have patch management also for Windows. However, they don't have that much for Linux and Mac. So, we need those things in Linux and Mac as well."
"The tool should include better AI features."
"It would be great if they have information rights management (IRM) on the same agent."
"To stay competitive, they should expand to smartphones."
"The product needs to improve its support so that users can just log in and create tickets as opposed to sending emails. Sending emails is difficult to track. It also needs to work on its analytics platform."
"The solution’s performance must be improved."
"I would like to provide improved network direction in order to regulate all of the user agents. We only use Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention to manage various threats and malicious user agents currently."
"Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention is buggy, which is one area for improvement. I also found Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention support horrible, so that's another area for improvement."
"Most of the functions don't work in the way that they are supposed to."
"The solution could use better logging in the future."
"They could improve the product's data loss policies."
"It's hard for me to answer any questions about missing features. It's the outside companies who support us that manage this DLP solution at this moment."
"Typically, DLP solutions do not cover emails without an additional component, which necessitates a dual-service proposal. Comparatively, on-premises deployments offer more features locally than online or remote deployments, which sometimes face challenges with feature support. This is a common issue with Trend."
"Within the solution, many of the functions do not perform as intended...It is not a stable solution...It is not a scalable solution."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The tool has a fair price."
"They offer a lot of features in a single bundle. So, if you want to remove some features from GTB, you can remove those. You don't need to buy those, and the price will reduce accordingly. I am very happy with the pricing."
"The tool's pricing is affordable and based on the number of endpoints."
"The tool is not expensive."
"Its price is very reasonable and competitive."
"When comparing GTB Technologies Inspector to other solutions you receive a good value for your money when considering all the features and benefits."
"Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention is expensive compared to other solutions."
"Price-wise, it is a cheap solution. I rate the solution's pricing a two on a scale of one to ten, where one is low, and ten is high."
"The product is worth the money you pay for it. It is not an expensive solution."
"The licensing and pricing of Trend Micro are comparatively low and competitive since they are offered in a bundle, especially compared to Symantec, which was has a relatively high price."
"The platform is expensive. We purchase its yearly license."
"I rate the tool's pricing a three out of ten."
"It's not too expensive, especially when compared to SecureTech, and Forcepoint. It's actually cheaper. A license costs about INR 4,000 to INR 5,000, roughly $60 per license per year. In comparison, Forcepoint licenses are around $90 to $95."
"The client needs to pay for the Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention license on an annual basis."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about GTB Technologies Inspector?
The product has a centralized console for everything.
What needs improvement with GTB Technologies Inspector?
The solution’s performance must be improved. Endpoint OCR affects the performance of the solution. Sometimes, the users are unable to send any emails.
What is your primary use case for GTB Technologies Inspector?
The product has an endpoint OCR, which other DLPs don't provide.

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Inspector, GTB Technologies DLP
Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention



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Supya Security Software
Excite Japan, MEDHOST, United Way of Greater Atlanta, University of Florida at Shands
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792,098 professionals have used our research since 2012.