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AndrewAndrew - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 9, 2024
Reduces costs, integrates well, and facilitates staff to work securely from anywhere
A big drive towards Prisma Cloud came during COVID-19 when many organizations were moving away from traditional VPNs. There was a drive to facilitate people working from home, and traditional VPNs were not the right solution for large customers who had a huge amount of staff working from home. Prisma Cloud offered multiple solutions that facilitated the ability to work securely from anywhere. That was one of the big things, and that continues to be a big thing today. Prisma Cloud provides security spanning multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. That is what its big strength is. It is one of the most comprehensive solutions available. If you compare it with the likes of Netskope and Skyhigh, Prisma Cloud is fairly similar in terms of features and depths of features. Automation capability is built in. It has got extensive logging. Automation is there, but it is not extensive. You can combine it with other tools like XO. The integration capability is already strong. That itself makes it a good contender. Prisma Cloud takes away a lot of manual work for our clients. It has reduced costs by not having to work with pre-COVID-19 traditional networking scenarios. It has given them the ability to have staff working securely from anywhere on the globe. I do not have the metrics for cost savings, but all customers who bought the solution from us say that it has reduced their costs. Over the last three years, we have not had a customer who has not renewed, and it is based on the reduced costs. As long as it is set up correctly and it is integrated correctly with the SOAR and the SIEM components, it provides very good visibility. It is a very good enterprise solution. No one toolset or platform can protect every single cloud resource, but it can cover a lot of cloud resources. They claim to secure the entire cloud-native development lifecycle, across build, deploy, and run, but I am not 100% sure. It probably can do 80% of the job.

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"I wouldn't mind if it were cheaper. We are spending a fair amount of money on Prisma Cloud."
"Prisma Cloud Enterprise is a costly solution. You need a license for all the components. At the same time, you have everything under one roof, so I think it's still justified."
"The pricing of the solution is fair."
"Almost all the CSPM tools are pretty expensive."
"Prisma Cloud is quite scalable. In our current licensing model, we're able to heavily extend our cloud workload and onboard a lot of customers. It really helps, and it is on par with other solutions."
"If a competitor came along and said, "We'll give you half the price," that doesn't necessarily mean that's the right answer, at all. We wouldn't necessarily entertain it that way. Does it do what we need it to do? Does it work with the things that we want it to work with? That is the important part for us. Pricing wasn't the big consideration it might be in some organizations. We spend millions on public cloud. In that context, it would not make sense to worry about the small price differences that you get between the products."
"The pricing structure is easy to understand. Depending on the use case the pricing of the solution can be different. There are not any additional costs to the standard living fees."
"Although the cost can be high, the value is worth the price tag."
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Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud, Prisma Public Cloud, RedLock Cloud 360, RedLock, Twistlock, Aporeto



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Amgen, Genpact, Western Asset, Zipongo, Proofpoint, NerdWallet, Axfood, 21st Century Fox, Veeva Systems, Reinsurance Group of America
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