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Jul 17, 2023
An easy-to-set-up solution that can be used for bidirectional data synchronizations between systems
Fivetran should add more connectors because its competitors, like Airbyte, have more connectors. All of these systems have a problem, namely that they are pure cloud player solutions. I often work in hybrid solutions where customers have on-prem things mixed with cloud things. Pure cloud player solutions never provide a good solution for what is on-prem, which leads to a gap. When you look at systems such as ActiveBatch, they have a very, very strong on-prem platform. They are also looking at the web and cloud things, but they are not that good at the cloud things. So there is nothing that is equally good for both on-prem and cloud. Fivetran should add a feature to connect to the SQL server on-prem.
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"I've heard that the license for HVR is a bit costly compared to its competitors, but since it's reliable and efficient, I think the customer shouldn't be bothered about the cost."
"The pricing model is okay and mid to large companies will not have an issue with it."
"The solution is affordable."
"I don't have the exact information, but I know it is high, and it is on a yearly basis. There is no additional cost for what we're doing. We're always open to doing things cheaper, so we might potentially implement a different solution."
"The licensing costs are extremely high for the usage of somebody who has one GB or two GB of usage per day for real-time traffic. There are many other players in the market which are similarly priced or competitively priced. On average per month, it used to come around 12,000-15,000 USD, which is very high."
"The product is reasonably expensive"
"I can't give exact amounts because that's based on usage, but it's more expensive than some of its competitors."
"I rate the pricing a six out of ten."
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What's the deal with the HVR software acquisition?
As a user of HVR Software I followed this deal closely. Fivetran is apparently trying to establish more in its sector and by buying an already established data replication software, they become som...
Does HVR Software provide reliable insights?
I honestly can't think of another data replication software that can give you better statistics and insight than HVR Software. There's the feature for topology and statistics and both of them can ...
How much traffic can HVR Software handle?
As someone who works at a company where a high volume of information is replicated and has tried several data replication softwares, I can tell you that you're looking at the right one. HVR Softwar...
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