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Find out what your peers are saying about FireMon vs. Tufin and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
564,997 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
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"The most valuable feature is that everything is recorded in the historical logs, including the firewall rules, headcounts, object-level usage, and the rule documentation. The rule certification details are also there, which means that someone can be held accountable for a specific firewall rule.""The most valuable feature is the Firewall reviews for our company compliance.""The firewall assessment feature is great.""The most valuable features are the security assessments and the ability to identify unused rules or objects.""For the cleanup of firewall rules, it performs really well for us. We utilize it in our regular rule cleanup tasks, several times a year. FireMon is our primary tool when doing that, either by going through its out-of-the-box compliance rules or using it to search for certain things in our rules that we want to prune from our firewalls.""FireMon is nice and provides 360-degree user views.""It is a good product. Previously, we were using only spreadsheets to compare the usage, but now with FireMon, we are able to clean up or review the policies to some extent. It is still a work in progress, but we are at a good stage now.""FireMon saves us a lot of time and it's nice because if you're adding a rule that's similar to another rule, it'll tell you so sometimes you can just edit the one and add another source or destination in there without creating a duplicate rule. It enables you to consolidate and have fewer, more meaningful rules. We're saving around 30% of our time."

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"It provides very good reports. It can easily integrate with multiple firewalls, such as Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, and Checkpoint. We can push a policy from Tufin to a firewall, which is a very good feature. We can monitor all access rules and the operating system of a firewall.""It allows administrators to visualize the traffic flow, and troubleshoot when necessary.""All the basic functions work well.""It's user-friendly. It's easy to understand menus on the web GUI. That's a good feature for us. I can say that it's doing what it's supposed to do. It also integrates well with other products like Check Point.""You can easily scale the solution if you need to.""The reporting on offer is very good. Tufin makes nice reports.""It is an important application for controlling and monitoring firewall rules. It is useful for making and monitoring the changes.""Being able to customize your own clarity to that aspect of change management."

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"Our firewalls have multiple paths through them and FireMon falls short a little bit because it's not Palo Alto-centric. I don't think FireMon has kept up with where Palo Alto is at. They started out being Check Point-centric for years and they've never really fully embraced the nuances others, like Palo Alto or Fortinet, have. They don't handle a lot of the capabilities and attributes that Palo Alto does yet. They're working on it. They're getting there.""It comes as a Linux appliance on a server and we're not a Linux shop, we're more of a Windows shop. It would be great if they could automate or integrate the backups into it and other things through their GUI interface, just to make the management of Linux a little more transparent.""I ran a report and FireMon suggested that certain tools were not used. When I removed them, while it didn't bring our environment down completely, a lot of our environment started malfunctioning. Our backup system did not work, nor did other things that involve internal and external communication. We are not comfortable with what it did.""We have had some stability issues that are affecting operations. We rely heavily on this solution and if it isn't working then we have to create rules manually.""When it comes to real-time compliance management, something that is missing is alerting on certain, predefined controls. It would be good to have a predefined set of controls which, if not complied with in a newly set up rule, would create an alert for us. That is something that is missing, out-of-the-box.""We have not used the Policy Planner but even so, we have identified areas of improvement with it during our testing. For example, it could be better when it comes to ease of integration or ease of policy automation. Another problem is that there is a console where it has too many options and is not very straightforward. Essentially, controlling it could be made more seamless.""I think that having a more open system and providing documentation for it would be helpful for users like us. We are pretty adept and can navigate through the Linux software that the on-premises FireMon is based on. It would help us in the long run.""FireMon could be easier to use and flexibility regarding reporting could be improved."

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"Currently, we are able to monitor access rules and the operating system of a firewall. It would be great if we can also monitor the configuration of the firewall through Tufin.""The older version that we have doesn't support some newer firewall vendors.""The pricing of the solution is rather expensive.""They need to offer more support to vendors, such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortinet, and Forcepoint.""Lacks ability to create a Terraform that would enable deployment without manual steps.""It would be better if they modernized the web GUI. The web interface GUI is simple and not complicated, but it's also too old.""They've got such a large number of APIs, and it is so easy to use their APIs. Effectively, they allow us to use it with anything. The only way to improve it more is by offering support for implementing their APIs into certain hardware or software that we might use. They can provide support for implementing APIs.""Its price is reasonable, but it could be lower. It could have a more effective approach for creating and changing rules. It could provide advice or suggestions for a better understanding of rules and changing the rules. There should be suggestions for the rules that need to be changed to make them less risky."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "FireMon is cheaper than AlgoSec."
  • "Pricing is reasonable."
  • "FireMon is very expensive. I think that they charge a premium. In general, they are very pricey. Compared to their competitors, they cost a little more than the other solutions that we evaluated."
  • "This is an expensive solution. The cost of three modules for three years was approximately one million."
  • "The pricing was very good during our initial year, but they increased it this year a little bit. The price is okay. It is not cheap, but it is still average."
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  • "It's quite an expensive solution."
  • "Price could always be better, but there are always consequences."
  • "The price is on the cheaper side."
  • "Its price is reasonable, but it could be lower. It has been cost-effective for us. We have a contract for three years."
  • "Because we're quite a large company, the price wasn't too much of a factor for us."
  • "The pricing is reasonable."
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    564,997 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer: 
    It is a good product. Previously, we were using only spreadsheets to compare the usage, but now with FireMon, we are able to clean up or review the policies to some extent. It is still a work in… more »
    Top Answer: 
    The pricing was very good during our initial year, but they increased it this year a little bit. The price is okay. It is not cheap, but it is still average.
    Top Answer: 
    Its reporting can be improved. I am the only one who works a lot with it, and I am having problems in terms of reporting. In the case of Palo Alto, I'm okay with it, but with some of the Cisco… more »
    Top Answer: 
    The clarity around the auditing provides the most value for us.
    Top Answer: 
    They are a little bit behind on some of their support for the Palo Alto firewall platform. I'd like to see that catch up, specifically around importing certain objects.
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    FireMon, the only agile network security policy management (NSPM) platform, brings visibility, control, and automation to enterprise cloud and hybrid network infrastructures.

    • To drive agility across hybrid networks, the headless orchestration API allows customers to integrate with any existing system or process including IT Service Management platforms like ServiceNow, Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) tools like Splunk Phantom and Palo Alto Cortex SOAR, and DevOps platforms like Red Hat Ansible and HashiCorp Terraform.
    • To drive security efficiency and eliminate misconfigurations caused by complexity and manual processes, the platform addresses inefficient rule creation and change processes, delivers risk assessment of change through pre-change simulation and provides policy change recommendation.
    • To meet scale and heterogeneity requirements, FireMon normalizes policy across thousands of firewalls, devices, and cloud security groups through a single interface.

    FireMon customers routinely experience up to 90% improvements in network security policy efficiency while eliminating common misconfigurations which lead to breaches and compliance violations.

    Tufin enables organizations to automate their security policy visibility, risk management, provisioning and compliance across their multi-vendor, hybrid environment. Customers gain visibility and control across their network, ensure continuous compliance with security standards and embed security enforcement into workflows and development pipelines. 

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    Find out what your peers are saying about FireMon vs. Tufin and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
    564,997 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    FireMon is ranked 3rd in Firewall Security Management with 14 reviews while Tufin is ranked 2nd in Firewall Security Management with 12 reviews. FireMon is rated 7.6, while Tufin is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of FireMon writes "We have made massive improvements to firewall management and firewall hygiene". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Tufin writes "Provides great visibility, allows us to automate the entire change process, and saves A LOT of time". FireMon is most compared with AlgoSec, Skybox Security Suite, Palo Alto Networks Panorama, RedSeal and ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer, whereas Tufin is most compared with AlgoSec, Skybox Security Suite, Palo Alto Networks Panorama, ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer and RedSeal. See our FireMon vs. Tufin report.

    See our list of best Firewall Security Management vendors.

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