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"The Global Collections are what I found to be most valuable. With the Global Collections, you're able to organize and categorize devices into "folders," or functional groups and categories, so that it doesn't matter which SpectroSERVER those devices are on.""The presentation layer is pretty simple and straightforward.""​Stability has been good. We really have not had any issues.​""I can use it to detect whenever things go wrong on my network.""I have found the cross analysis feature to be the most valuable.""Spectrum does such a great job of discovering our network that we have a high confidence in what our inventory is.""The solution's most valuable features are its integration with Broadcom tools and scalability.""The capability of handling and monitoring with SNMP and working with the SNMP traps is much better than other products."

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"The most valuable feature for improving network visibility with Gigamon is the packet filtering capability.""The tool's most valuable feature is the encryption feature. From a security perspective, the solution hasn't significantly strengthened our security posture. However, it has greatly improved performance by streamlining encryption processes and avoiding encryption at multiple layers. This has also simplified troubleshooting, as we can whitelist certain processes.""It has high stability.""The solution is straightforward to set up.""It is a good product. It provides network visibility, which is important. Gigamon can bring some optimizations to my network. It is helpful for security inspection, and it makes my firewall work fast because my firewall doesn't have to do the inspection of the SSL connections, for example.""The most valuable feature is NetFlow.""It offers straightforward integration."

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"The biggest issue is our integration right now between UIM and Spectrum is lacking.""For my use case, incident coordination was an area of improvement. The internal software engine for coordinating outages could use improvement because sometimes, we used to get false alerts for unrelated devices. They did a really good job of trying to make sure that you got one major alert and any of the subsequent devices downstream were just additions to that, but occasionally, the engine wouldn't properly catch the right things, and we used to get a flood of alerts.""The solution's stability needs improvement.""I would recommend AI capability built-in so it becomes more predictable and we jump ahead of the curve. This is the one really important feature I would really like to see in any product that provides alarms.""There should be a facility to integrate with other monitoring applications that are currently running in the environment.""It takes some time to learn how to use this solution.""We want to make our own choice for the AIOps solution and do not want to be forced to use the Broadcom OI solution by default.""DX Spectrum needs better documentation on its complex features."

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"In terms of improvement, while the initial setup is not overly complicated, we did encounter a few issues.""The security should be improved.""Its filtering feature needs improvement.""It only inspects a specific kind of traffic. There should be different kinds of use cases.""The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline should have a feature showing the traffic flow within its platform. Currently, customers have to use separate tools for monitoring, which is inconvenient. If it had its visibility feature, it would make monitoring easier and more complete without needing extra tools.""They should increase the solution's cluster capacity.""The graphical user interface could be improved."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It is very pricey. With the current trend of enterprises moving towards cheaper and more modern looking solutions like ManageEngine, SevOne, ServicePilot, and Paesller."
  • "It’s a great tool, but an expensive one. Learn how to use it properly."
  • "The cost of some of these products are a little cost prohibitive, which is unfortunate. We have to find lower cost solutions for some of the things that we have to pull in. For the most part, CA has capabilities in pretty much everything that you would need. You just have to figure out where are you going to spend the most money for what you have to actually get done. You can do all these things but, which ones do you have to do? And that's hard to choose sometimes because you want to do them all."
  • "In general, the license cost will be about 30% of the total TCO for this tool (hardware/support team, OS costs, and OS management)."
  • "The product, support, and maintenance are all expensive, which is another reason that we are switching to another solution."
  • "The price is very high."
  • "The price of the solution is reasonable."
  • "Currently, a perpetual license but some services are moving to a subscription"
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  • "The solution is highly-priced."
  • "The solution's price is reasonable."
  • "I would rate the solution as expensive, around an eight or nine out of ten. There are other competitive solutions available."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The solution's most valuable features are its integration with Broadcom tools and scalability.
    Top Answer:DX Spectrum's pricing depends on the license number. It is affordable.
    Top Answer:DX Spectrum needs better documentation on its complex features.
    Top Answer:The most valuable feature for improving network visibility with Gigamon is the packet filtering capability.
    Top Answer:In terms of improvement, while the initial setup is not overly complicated, we did encounter a few issues.
    Top Answer:We mostly use it for network visibility, security monitoring, and performance monitoring.
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    Also Known As
    CA Spectrum
    Gigamon, GigaSecure
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    DX Spectrum is a complete event and fault management system for network operations teams. The tool provides powerful capabilities for managing your dynamic, complex IT infrastructure, which includes physical, virtual, and cloud environments.The technology allows you to manage and optimize the infrastructure and the professional services that operate on top of it. DX Spectrum is a unified platform that helps your company enhance network service levels while lowering monitoring costs.

    DX Spectrum has intelligent event correlation and root-cause analysis capabilities. It can pinpoint the precise components that are causing issues with availability and network settings. Reports and dashboards can be customized with role-based views. Change management solutions can also be used by teams to govern, track, and remediate changes across network devices.

    DX Spectrum can identify multi-technology and multi-vendor stacks, as well as new software-defined networks (SDNs). It supports Multicast, MPLS, VPN, and VRF, among other routing protocols and technologies.

    DX Spectrum Features

    DX Spectrum has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Service management: DX Spectrum assists personnel in discovering, modeling, visualizing, monitoring, and managing the links between infrastructure and the business services it supports.
    • Fault detection: DX Spectrum offers unique solutions that automate device discovery and root cause analysis, allowing for faster issue detection and resolution.
    • Change management capabilities: DX Spectrum gives administrators the visibility and control they need to prevent erroneous modifications from causing network performance problems and outages.
    • Comprehensive visibility: With DX Spectrum, managers can receive comprehensive insight across physical, virtualized, and cloud environments, as well as a variety of technologies, platforms, and suppliers.
    • Customization: DX Spectrum provides administrators, users, and customers with pre-packaged, easily configurable dashboards and reports that may be adjusted to their individual needs. For maximum performance and visibility, it is intimately connected with other solutions within the DX Service Assurance and DX Service Management systems.

    DX Spectrum Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing DX Spectrum. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Reduce symptomatic alarms and hasten resolution with DX Spectrum’s root-cause analysis and robust event correlation. Automatically map the relationships between your network infrastructure to find the source of service issues for faster resolution. Whether it's a network configuration or availability issue, our network fault management system pinpoints the exact component responsible for the issue.
    • DX Spectrum supports network access from wireless wearables, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Provide network operators with the tools they need to manage their wireless networks, decrease outages, and make them as stable as their wired networks. For wired and wireless networks, DX Spectrum offers a unified view.
    • Fault and event management can be integrated across the Agile Ops, Network Operations, and Analytics portfolios. Fault, inventory, and topology knowledge are combined with performance, application, and log monitoring and a unified view across a full-stack NetOps solution. Additional connections include business service and service desk management.

    Reviews from Real Users

    DX Spectrum stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are its robust root cause analysis and its event correlation tool. PeerSpot users take note of the advantages of these features in their reviews:

    Umair A., Enterprise Solutions & Services Head at Duroob Technologies, writes of the product, “It covers networks very well. It has all the capabilities that you're looking for when it comes to monitoring. Spectrum is great for root cause analysis. It has excellent correlation event management. Spectrum's stability and scalability are also amazing. If you have a CA Service Desk, then it can be integrated so that if you have open tickets they can be closed automatically.”

    Itarchit, an IT Architect at a comms service provider, notes, “The most valuable feature is the event correlation mechanism. I also like the product's multi-customer approach.” He adds, “We haven't seen a better product. Overall, I am happy with this solution. Based on the current market, I would rate DX Spectrum a nine out of ten.”

    Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline is a comprehensive network visibility solution that provides real-time insights into network traffic. It offers SSL inspection and mobile network monitoring for traffic monitoring purposes. The solution optimizes networks, aids in security inspection, and improves firewall performance. It is praised for its performance, power, straightforward integration, stability, and ease of initial setup. 

    With Gigamon, organizations can gain complete visibility into their network traffic, identify potential threats, and take proactive measures to prevent them. The solution is ideal for organizations of all sizes, including enterprises, service providers, and government agencies.

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    Amica Insurance, College of William & Mary, Gamma, IntercontinentalExchange, OppenheimerFunds
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    Large Enterprise43%
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    Large Enterprise73%

    DX Spectrum is ranked 1st in DX NetOps with 115 reviews while Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline is ranked 10th in Event Monitoring with 7 reviews. DX Spectrum is rated 8.4, while Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of DX Spectrum writes "Comprehensive alerts, beneficial overall network viability, and scalability not limited". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline writes "Stable solution with good technical support service". DX Spectrum is most compared with DX NetOps, Zabbix, SolarWinds NPM, Cisco DNA Center and ThousandEyes, whereas Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline is most compared with Ixia Network Packet Brokers, Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Broker, Arista Data ANalyZer, NETSCOUT nGeniusONE and Cisco Secure Network Analytics.

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