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As of June 2024, in the Rack Servers category, the mindshare of Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers is 29.6%, up from 28.5% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of IBM Power Systems is 9.2%, up from 8.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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May 7, 2024
Good stability, easy to use, and easy to deploy
Right now, we're using a lot of 13, 14, and 15-gen PowerEdge servers. Many of our customers who do encryption at rest use Dell's TPM chip capability, which works. PowerEdge Servers are very good for handling the evolving needs of high-performance workloads. We were able to use the solution to scale many of our compute nodes, which are used by many of our customers who need a lot of high computing. So, we're pretty happy with it. Nowadays, PowerEdge is very reliable and has helped reduce unplanned production downtime twice as much as five years ago. Overall, I rate the solution a nine out of ten.
Md Al-Amin - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 14, 2023
Flexible with good performance and uptime
We use the solution as a database server. The core banking database runs on IBM Power LAPR with terabytes of memory (20 TB of database size). Performance and availability is top-notch. With database clustering, we ensure the high availability of our database. Runtime resource allocation made life…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The initial setup is very good, not complex at all."
"It is very easy and seamless to use the OpenManage console for lifecycle management or PowerEdge Rack Servers. It is one of the best solutions in the market today to manage the lifecycle of services."
"The server itself is valuable. It does what we ask it to do."
"They are incredibly valuable because they are both user-friendly and powerful for managing hardware."
"The use of OpenManage Console reduces the time it takes to manage PowerEdge Rack Servers in terms of updates and maintenance."
"This product has really saved us a lot of headaches when it comes to hardware replacements. It's something it seems that Dell has improved. You quickly log your support case and get support. The turnaround time is really fast."
"The most valuable features are that they are very reliable, and Dell's technical service is also optimal."
"This solution has absolutely fulfilled our needs well."
"BM Power Systems get updated every two years and are scalable and stable."
"The virtualization and the quality you get from it is one reason we like the solution."
"IBM Power Systems' best features are its reliability, resilience, and performance per rack unit."
"IBM Power Systems provides very good performance and stability compared to other brands or processors."
"Power VM gives us the flexibility to increase or decrease machine resources when required."
"Stability-wise, I rate the solution a nine out of ten...Scalability-wise, I rate the solution a nine out of ten."
"Some of the most valuable features are the processing power, stability, and security."
"The installation is easy."


"It would be nice if they could make the solution cheaper and faster."
"There might be room for improvement, especially in the software aspect, such as firmware updates."
"The BIOS interface could be improved; it is very poor. PowerEdge is very good overall, but if you compare the BIOS interface with HPE, it is not very good."
"Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers could improve the bezels in front of it."
"The solution could still use some more analytics."
"The cost can be improved. For other use cases, we use Hitachi servers, which are a little cheaper but have similar functionality."
"PowerEdge is able to run the latest high-demand applications for our use case. They host our clusters and facilitate the building of environments."
"I would like to see a virtual view of the solution after creating and configuring it."
"I know lab services does a lot of work but systems, if they could include some kind of lab services and bundling of services to get you to the greatest and latest feature at the already included cost"
"The solution is highly-priced."
"There are improvements that can be made on the technical side."
"IBM should be more flexible with marketing or offer marketing events themselves and invite the partners to attend. That might be far more productive."
"It does not offer the ability to run any X86 or X64 Intel architecture-based application on Power Systems. There are a lot of applications, lots of business use cases that do not support this architecture as of now. If somehow application tasks can be ported on to IBM Power Systems, that would be a big improvement."
"One of the features that we would like, and I think they are also adapting to the latest trends in the market, is to make it more open, more flexible... With VMware, anybody can create a virtual machine without any knowledge of the server side. But with AIX it's a bit difficult."
"Software testing and the compatibility of software products that are available in the market should be addressed."
"The price has room for improvement."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Pricing appears to be comparatively favorable, particularly within the project's scope."
"I wouldn't say the solution's pricing is the best, but it's very competitive."
"I don't see any issues with respect to licensing. It's power-efficient, so it's beneficial to the customers price-wise. There are no costs in addition to the standard licensing fee."
"It's abundantly clear that the specific licensing requirements will be dictated by the intricacies of the machinery we deploy."
"The solution's analytics helped to decrease production downtime by at least 30%."
"The pricing is very good because there are a lot of types of PowerEdge Rack Servers. You have the R540, R640, and R740. The prices are very scalable through the specific server, e.g., small businesses can take the R640 while large businesses can take the R740 or R840. Thus, Dell technologies touch on every organization."
"They seem to have become more expensive. I've not done a comparison with other vendors recently. If the price increases more, we would need to do a comparison next year just to make sure that we are benchmarking our server purchases correctly."
"When you compare public cloud solutions to PowerEdge in terms of cost, initially the cost of Dell servers or Dell technology was really high. However, right now it's on par or, maybe, even cheaper when we use Dell hardware. If we don't swap it out in three years and if we stretch it to four or five years, then we can get even more of an ROI versus cloud cost."
"Its price is too high."
"I give the cost a one out of ten."
"The price of the solution could be somewhat better and this is what lowers my rating of it to a seven or eight out of ten."
"IBM Power Systems is very expensive."
"It's more about the value you get for the price. Considering its stability and performance, the pricing is good."
"The additional software costs are high."
"The solution's pricing is very, very high compared to other platforms."
"IBM Power is more expensive than other rack-mount servers, and you have to have a license for everything, including cores and memory."
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Answers from the Community

Jan 16, 2022
Jan 16, 2022
IBM Power Systems vs Dell PowerEdge Rack Server IBM Power Systems is a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) system that contains 8 threads or over per core. This processor performs super-fast due to the RISC algorithm technology than any other Intel-based hardware (e.g., Dell, HPE, Cisco). In Intel, there are only 2 or 4 threads per core and it performs according to CISC (Complex Instructi...
2 out of 3 answers
Aug 16, 2021
IBM Power Systems vs Dell PowerEdge Rack Server IBM Power Systems is a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) system that contains 8 threads or over per core. This processor performs super-fast due to the RISC algorithm technology than any other Intel-based hardware (e.g., Dell, HPE, Cisco).  In Intel, there are only 2 or 4 threads per core and it performs according to CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer). IBM Power system is a sustainable, reliable and obviously costly solution compared to any other Intel-based solution.  Generally, IBM Power system is used in mission-critical systems. 
Nicolae - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 3, 2022
IBM Power comes with virtualization integrated (PowerVM), highly optimized (practically with no performance impact) - no need for VMWare, HyperV etc.  For database it is the recomended platform - even is Hana, Oracle (best combination with AIX) or DB2 (DB2 for me is the most autonomous database that you can have).  The downside of IBM Power could be the lack of support for Windows and the initial cost. 

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Questions from the Community

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Our organization ran comparison tests to determine whether the Dell EMC Poweredge or Lenovo Thinksystem rack servers were the better fit for us. We ultimately decided to go with Dell EMC Poweredge....
What do you like most about Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers?
It has helped us reduce unplanned downtime by 20% to 30%.
What needs improvement with Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers?
We are quite satisfied with our latest configurations. We don't have big complaints at the moment. The response time could be better. Everyone is very busy nowadays. It's important to get issues re...
What do you like most about IBM Power Systems?
IBM Power Systems provides very good performance and stability compared to other brands or processors.
What needs improvement with IBM Power Systems?
IBM should provide a platform where users can learn about the storage and security of IBM Power Systems.
What is your primary use case for IBM Power Systems?
In my company, we use the system for the data center and our IBM Cloud Pak System.

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