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As of June 2024, in the Rack Servers category, the mindshare of Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers is 29.6%, up from 28.5% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of HPE Apollo is 5.0%, up from 4.5% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Hassen Trabelsi - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 21, 2024
We get centralization, remote management, and good customer service with these servers
By implementing Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers, we wanted centralization, security, and meeting the needs of the job. The performance of these servers is similar to the servers from another brand, but Dell’s after-sales customer service is better than other brands. Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers can be configured depending on our needs. They are adaptable. In terms of energy consumption, we do not have any way to supervise the energy consumption of our servers. However, I know that there is a possibility to have several power supplies as a backup on the servers. It meets our needs, but I do not know if they consume more energy than the servers from other brands. With regard to durability, we keep our servers for ten years or so. After that, we call upon a company that recycles them. We have never had any problem with the RSE for these servers. Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers can help to reduce unplanned production downtime, but it all depends on the chosen configuration. A simple PowerEdge server with just RAID 5, for example, would function, but if we have a problem with the power supply or two disks, it would not work. It depends on the configuration. We put several of them which helps us to have less production downtime. Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers have affected the overall flexibility of our operations. As a general rule, we put Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers in racks, or we have them in tower mode for certain production systems. Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers are a standard in our company. They are needed. We have to have them. We will soon move. Our server room has been designed with tables that can have PCs in tower mode. In our new buildings, we have reduced the space or rather the surface area for our server room. All that has a great impact on the costs.
it_user364197 - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 22, 2016
The storage area density is the best thing about them. Outside connectivity needs to keep pace with network improvements.
We are running Apollo with SL-series servers and the best thing about them is the density of the storage area available. Regarding TCO, total cost of ownership, per terabyte, they are now the best on the market Connectivity to the outside of the server needs to be improved at the same time the…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"It's a very user-friendly solution."
"The complete hyper-converged infrastructure of this solution has been most useful. PowerEdge has helped to reduce data processing time by 20%."
"No down time and it's very user friendly."
"The management portal is essential because it gives you a lot of flexibility. You don't have to be at the location to manage the server. You can power it on and off remotely or start an installation remotely. All you need to do is connect it to the network and you can do things from thousands of miles away."
"The defining characteristic of the Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers lies in their ability to function as the pivotal nexus of the server infrastructure."
"We like their quality. I have also dealt with HPE and other manufacturers. In terms of service, Dell is optimal."
"The iDRAC feature is valuable. It is for remote handling. If there is a connection issue when we deliver a server to a remote site, we only need to ask them to switch iDRAC on. We then have direct access to the RAID server configuration without having switched it on."
"The OpenMange console is effective."
"It's going to meet our needs moving forward, it is scalable."
"It enables us to implement software defined solutions very easily, because Apollo servers are certified for use with Linux systems"
"It's very reliable. I haven't had a single failure at all in the year and a half; not the slightest problem with it."
"HPE Apollo's pricing is low, and implementation is very easy compared to other products."
"Absolutely being able to mount into Omni-Path architecture, HFIs on those nodes, because we were the very first site in the world"
"It's pretty flexible. You can choose how much storage you put on the server. You can have one to three nodes, depending on whether you want more CPU or storage."
"With HPE Apollo, we can propose configurations with many hard drives, making it suitable for large storage needs."
"HPE Apollo's support is the most valuable feature."


"The data analytics for this solution could be improved."
"Currently, the solution does not have the in-process memory encryption technology."
"One of the things that I've noticed is that over time, the system degrades, meaning that little things don't work. For example, the hard drive would need to be replaced or iDRAC would not be functioning properly. We may have to flash the firmware. It is not like some other hardware where it just runs without issues for four or five years. With Dell, generally, there are little hiccups here and there."
"The specs for the benchmarks are very good, but the firmware and software are lacking. There are some issues with the Linux kernel and the long-term support (LTS) for some of the firmware's dependencies. It is causing the kernel to dump. The support for the Linux brands isn't optimal. We would like them to optimize the kernel drivers for benchmarks."
"Until they get new technology and density, it would be nice to see four nodes in a one-year package instead of a three-year package."
"Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers could improve the bezels in front of it."
"The shipment times could be improved. Sometimes we have to wait four or five days before we get the actual servers. It could even be longer. Sometimes it is many days."
"We do encounter power supply failures from time to time."
"One drawback which I had: When I needed to expand storage on the Apollo, I had significant problems getting disks for it. It was a very long wait-time. So, if I were to give any advice in regards to improving this product, I would say make more of the 8TB disks available quicker."
"We are quite happy with it, but its price and storage density can be better."
"We have tried to used standardization using Ubuntu Linux and it's been hard. They had some difficulties getting the RAID configuration up and running because there are no drivers for it. It's not supported by HPE."
"There is a shared battery for all cache controllers in the node. When you have to replace that element, you have to take down all three nodes and not just one."
"The solution's deployment, security, and scalability need improvement."
"We could, perhaps, use more GPUs in the future, go from eight to 16 GPUs per instance. That could run head-to-head against the DGX-1, the DGX-2 that NVIDIA has developed in their own chassis. That would be interesting to see."
"HPE Apollo's after-sales support and technical support should be improved."
"The support from HPE Apollo could be better, they are making knowledgeable."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I don't know about the product's licensing part. Price-wise, it is an okay product. I believe that the cheaper the better, but I think that the product's price is okay."
"Dell's solution was cheaper than HP's solution."
"We weren't paying very much, but it was at the end of the lifecycle. We are now using the VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure, and the pricing was very similar for the same amount of power but with easier automation."
"PowerEdge is not a cheap product. It's a quality product, but there is always competition. If you want to buy a server, you need an operating system, and most of it is Microsoft. A bundled solution costs less than a separate operating system and hardware."
"The product is cheaper than HP servers, but the price could always be better."
"Regarding the pricing, it seems fair."
"The pricing for this solution is reasonable. We pay a basic premium with a military premium on top of that."
"The price is reasonable. You have to pay if you want quality. When we purchase something, we have to do some market analysis, and I haven't seen a significant difference compared to other solutions."
"There is an annual license required to use HPE Apollo."
"The price of the solution is more expensive than Dell which is their main competitor. However, there are times we have managed to receive a comparable price."
"It is an expensive solution but it is worth the money. The standard licensing cost is for the GPU and the features that someone is using. There are additional charges but they depend on the solution."
"Obviously I would like to see the cost go down. That speaks for itself."
"Compared to other products, HPE Apollo is not an expensive solution."
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What do you like most about Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers?
It has helped us reduce unplanned downtime by 20% to 30%.
What needs improvement with Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers?
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What do you like most about HPE Apollo?
HPE Apollo's pricing is low, and implementation is very easy compared to other products.
What needs improvement with HPE Apollo?
HPE Apollo's after-sales support and technical support should be improved. The solution should provide fast delivery when it comes to replacing a particular product that is under warranty.
What is your primary use case for HPE Apollo?
We use HPE Apollo for specific requirements of Linux servers.

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