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Jul 4, 2024
Discovers all the assets and identifies existing vulnerabilities
Tenable Nessus could include a broader range of IT assets. Nowadays, IT is not limited to laptops and desktops. It can be any environment in the organization, such as iOS or Android mobile phones. Apart from that, organizations use APIs and specific tools. We would like Tenable to cover every aspect of IT infrastructure, not just generic systems like laptops, desktops, switches, or servers. It should include every kind of device, like Raspberry Pi. This small chunk of devices acts as sensors in several organizations. We would like to be able to scan every device in the network, and the solution should present vulnerabilities within their system.

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"The solution has free options."
"I think the price is fairly affordable. It provides a license that is fair."
"It has a fair cost and very good cost-benefit ratio."
"The price of the solution is reasonable."
"The price is reasonable."
"Nessus Manager is not an expensive product. It has its limitations, but the pricing reflects that. We have a yearly subscription."
"Its pricing is great and can't be improved. It is very cheap. It is less than 2,000 pounds a license, and you can't really ask for more. It has unlimited IPs and unlimited scans. There are no particular pricing constraints. The only additional cost is the inherent cost of the people to actually review the actual scans."
"The product is free."
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How would you choose between Rapid7 InsightVM and Tenable Nessus?
You have full visibility across cloud, network, virtual, and containerized infrastructures with Rapid7 Insight VM. You can easily prioritize vulnerabilities using attacker analytics. Overall, Rapid...
What's the difference between Tenable Nessus and Vulnerability Management?
Tenable Nessus is a vulnerability assessment solution that is both easy to deploy and easy to manage. The design of the program is such that if a company should desire to handle the installation t...
What do you like most about Tenable Nessus?
We have around 500 virtual machines. Therefore, we conduct monthly scans and open tickets for our developers to address identified vulnerabilities. These scans cover the servers, other network equi...



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Bitbrains, Tesla, Just Eat, Crosskey Banking Solutions, Covenant Health, Youngstown State University
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792,098 professionals have used our research since 2012.