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As of June 2024, in the Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) category, the mindshare of Citrix NetScaler is 13.1%, down from 15.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of HAProxy is 15.1%, up from 13.8% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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VivekKumar10 - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 14, 2023
Good stability and offers various valuable features like WAF
Pricing is one area for improvement. It's on the higher side because NetScaler is a premium product used for over 70% of internet traffic worldwide. However, price is not the only concern. Manageability and adaptability can also be challenging for end customers, who may require the assistance of experts like us to deploy and manage the product effectively. Although this is good for us as partners, it can limit the product's appeal to customers who prioritize ease of use. Moreover, having some GUI-based tools for log management and troubleshooting would be helpful and make it easier for customers to manage and troubleshoot their databases. For the future release of Citrix NetScaler, I would like to see better pricing, as well as improved manageability and log management features. Another thing is if a problem occurs, we have to rely on the central support system. We need to collect the log and send it back to support for analysis, and then Citrix support will provide the solution. It would be much easier to troubleshoot if something is handy, such as a web portal or a common platform where customers can upload logs and resolve some of the issues automatically.
Nathanel Sulimanov - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 27, 2022
Product with many valuable features; load balancing gives peace of mind
We primarily use HAProxy for the load balancer.  Having the right load balancing solution – which is what HAProxy is – and protection in place gives organizations peace of mind.  HAProxy has a lot of features, so what's most valuable depends on what we are loading. The forwarding proxy is a…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"If you need PCI-compliance and have high security requirements, WAF is the most valuable feature. If you need to monitor your load-balancing services with complex types of monitoring, make sure everything is alright, and load balancing is important, Content Switching and Monitoring features are the keys to your needs. If you want to provide a lot of static images or data, the Caching feature works best for you."
"From a security standpoint, It is a comprehensive solution in a single box."
"Compared to other solutions, Citrix ADC is much more robust in terms of the native integration to cloud platforms. It is far more robust from an operational point of view as well."
"The maintenance of the solution is not complex."
"The solution improves security performance."
"It has helped us to increase the resiliency of the application and the performance."
"Its flexibility, agility, and robustness are the most valuable. Its management and implementation are also quite easy."
"Load Balancing and SSL offloading are key features."
"The ease of use of the configuration, and great documentation, are the most valuable features for us."
"Stability is number one."
"I can't speak to all of the HAProxy features because we don't use them all, but load balancing is very good."
"Having the right load balancing solution – which is what HAProxy is – and protection in place gives organizations peace of mind."
"It is stable. Period. Will not fail unless you do something wrong."
"Software defined load balancing allows us to dynamically adjust and codify routing decisions. This speeds up development."
"The feature that I have found the most valuable is that it works for my use case of application load balancing. I'm using it for PeerSense, and it's easy enough for PeerSense."
"The VRRP redundancy is also a mission-critical feature that works seamlessly. I can bring down a server live with minimal downtime because of this."


"Some of our customers have questioned the security of this solution lately, wondering whether it is safe or not, so enhancements in this respect would be good."
"I will try to migrate all the tools to the cloud because there is more lab and more VPN scalability available in the cloud. It is not available on-premises."
"I feel that Citrix NetScaler's customer support needs to improve."
"Currently, it is not easy to use the configuration capabilities of the product."
"Mastering it requires significant learning and training due to its complexity."
"Manageability and adaptability can also be challenging for end customers."
"The customization has always been a key area where some improvements are required. In the beginning, everything was for customizing the outer shell of it. You had to use the command-based utility and you had to do a lot of manual work. They have improved it a little bit and now there are some GUI-based functionalities that can be used. However, more can be done that doesn't require a lot of intervention. Right now there are some features, there are some customizations that can be done, but it's still very tedious, very cumbersome, a lot of work. So that could be simplified."
"Should offer more flexible cost-effective licensing for small to medium sized organizations."
"There is room for improvement in HAProxy's dynamic configuration."
"Improving the documentation with multiple examples and scenarios would be beneficial. Most users encounter similar situations, so having a variety of scenarios readily available on the tool's website would be helpful. For instance, if I were part of the HAProxy team, I'd create a webpage with different scenarios and provide files for each scenario. This way, users wouldn't have to start from scratch every time."
"The logging functionality could use improvement, as it is a little cryptic."
"Documentation could be improved."
"Dynamic update API. More things should be possible to be configured during runtime."
"The GUI should be more responsive and show the detailed output of logs."
"The product does not have any new technologies."
"The configuration should be more friendly, perhaps with a Web interface. For example, I work with the ClusterControl product for Severalnines, and we have a Web interface to deploy the HAProxy load-balancer."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The price for Citrix ADC here in Mexico was good, when you compare it with F5 and Radware."
"Citrix ADC could improve the price and make it less expensive, other competitors have a better prices. This would allow Citrix ADC to keep dominating the market."
"We have been evaluating F5, Citrix, and other ADC products. Citrix is the most expense of all of them."
"The solution is undoubtedly very good, but it is expensive."
"The license for Citrix NetScaler is on an annual basis and it is reasonably priced."
"We have a yearly licencing fee, and there are no additional costs."
"Costly product and complicated licensing."
"It is very pricey, but we get it. If you need the best, money shouldn't be a problem."
"If you don't have expertise then go with the licensed version. Otherwise, open-source is the best solution."
"I think that the pricing is very fair, I would definitely recommend buying the Enterprise license."
"The tool is open-source."
"HAProxy is free software. There are optional paid products (support/appliances)."
"Very good value for the money. One of the simplest licensing schemes in this category of products."
"The price is well worth it. HAProxy Enterprise Edition paid for itself within months, simply due to the resiliency it brings. It was a bit more expensive than we were originally interested in paying, but we are thankful we chose to go with HAProxy."
"We use NGINX as well. However, because the health checks are a paid feature, I like to avoid it whenever possible​."
"When it comes to pricing HAProxy is free."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Citrix ADC?
The most valuable feature for us is the application firewalling in Citrix NetScaler, ensuring only valid traffic enters our environment.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Citrix ADC?
After deployment, Citrix Netscaler shifted to a subscription-based license scheme for support, which is slightly more expensive.
What needs improvement with Citrix ADC?
Citrix NetScaler is a robust product, but mastering it requires significant learning and training due to its complexity. While it could be easier to manage, it is like transitioning from driving a ...
Do you recommend HAProxy?
I do recommend HAProxy for more simple applications or for companies with a low budget, since HAProxy is a free, open-source product. HAProxy is also a good choice for someone looking for a stable ...
What do you like most about HAProxy?
The solution is effective in managing our traffic.

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