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As of June 2024, in the Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Protection category, the mindshare of Check Point DDoS Protector is 0.5%, down from 1.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Radware DefensePro is 9.3%, up from 6.7% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Protection
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Robert Plese - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 13, 2023
Provides good protection, works dynamically, and analyzes traffic for any suspicious behavior
This is the worst type of support for me from Check Point. I work with many Check Point equipment and not only DDoS. Their support for DDoS Protector is not so good because this is basically Radware equipment. There is a very big delay between my questions or open requests and the solution. It doesn't matter whether it's software-related, configuration-related, or replacement-related. There has been an instance where Check Point needed to replace the equipment in five days, but I received the replacement after thirty days. The reason for such a service seems to be a mixture of incompetency and a lot of to-and-fro between Check Point and Radware. In my opinion, Check Point doesn't have skilled people for DDoS, and they forward all the questions and problems to Radware and wait for them to solve the problem. Check Point is only a proxy for such type of support in my opinion. Other customers might have a different opinion.
Mar 12, 2024
Regular signature update with good reporting and analytics
Opting for a solution like Radware DefensePro is a strategic move for our telecom company, especially considering the critical nature of our subscriber self-care portal and the potential impact on the organization's image and the country as a whole.  Radware DefensePro is renowned for its advanced…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"One of its most outstanding functions is the zero-day DDOS."
"It uses several layers of security."
"This product uses auto-learning and behavioral analysis to establish baselines for legitimate traffic, and automatically detects and blocks traffic behavior that does not conform."
"The is a really low level of the false-positive alerts (when the clean traffic is marked as DDoS) due to some advanced techniques used by Check Point under the hood."
"Check Point DDoS Protector is a product that uses machine learning and behavior analysis."
"As our business continues to grow, we can grow this product simultaneously."
"Check Point detects and automatically mitigates attacks, which helps our organization protect our infrastructure."
"From my experience, the best part of this solution is behavioral DDoS protection. The DDoS Protector can monitor the traffic, and based on the behavior, it can decide which traffic is malicious and which traffic is regular. It works dynamically, and it's a very good solution."
"SSL-based mitigation from DDoS attacks is good from their side. They are capable of preventing SSL-based attacks with certifications and everything loaded onto them."
"The initial setup is easy."
"As a service provider, we use the SecOps dashboard feature. That's where we check the time of attacks to see if an attack is happening at the moment or if it has already happened... It is very dynamic and helps us know when an attack occurred, how long it lasted, and what type of attack it was."
"Its functionality is very good."
"This solution is extremely scalable and has the highest level throughput (100G) which complies with Telco deployment."
"It offers valuable insights into ongoing and past attacks, aiding in post-incident analysis and continuous improvement of our cybersecurity strategy."
"With the secure signature feature, the Radware DefensePro is a big assistance. It is a big help to our customers to improve their productivity and performance. The prompt response from the Radware team is definitely increasing in the new era."
"The reporting is very good and provides us with a comprehensive description of where attacks are emanating from."


"Check Point should develop a DDoS solution because they don't have one and we need to use another solution, in our case, Imperva. This is a problem because we need to have two firewalls. We would like to only have one solution because it would improve the management, we would have fewer incidents, and we wouldn't need to talk to more than one person for support."
"The public documentation is a detail that must be improved in order to have greater implementations with the best practices in this case of the Check Point manufacturer."
"For a long time, there was no software version of R80.10 available for the Check Point DDoS Protector software appliances, and we had to stay on the quite outdated R77.30 version."
"Check Point DDoS Protector does not provide the ability to upload data for the blacklist/whitelist in bulk, which is one of the big points that need to be improved to facilitate configurations."
"The mitigation part could be improved."
"I would like applications for Android and IOS where we can follow the events, and, if necessary, make changes."
"It does not provide the capability to upload data for blacklisting/whitelisting in bulk."
"The Check Point support language is only in English."
"They should add artificial intelligence to the platform. It is currently missing the machine learning piece."
"This product would be improved if ongoing live monitoring with dashboards were added."
"Right now, we have DefensePro 6. The only complaint I have is that SSL inspection, when activated, consumes a lot of resources on the machine. We are currently reviewing a possible change to DefensePro X, the new version, which has a separate module with its processors."
"It would be ideal if they could expand protocol support to cover emerging communication standards and ensure comprehensive protection against diverse attack vectors."
"I would like to see better implementation of a zero-day attack implementation strategy with self-mitigation."
"Radware DefensePro requires a continuous learning process. Using this technology, we can improve our network. Based on the different attack mechanisms, we use Radware DefensePro to provide security for our clients' networks very effectively."
"I had some trouble in the registration account prior to deployment, but it was fixed. They were not very fast or responsive, however. It took about one week to resolve the issue."
"This solution may not cover all of the requirements in situations for which I am unfamiliar, and there is always room for improvement."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I don't deal with the pricing, but it seems that you need to get basic support in order to upgrade the DDoS database for new attacks and so on."
"It's an expensive solution. It's one of the most expensive solutions in the world. It's cheaper than Palo Alto and Cisco but these are expensive solutions. Fortinet is cheaper."
"The appliance comes with a loaded hardware license, and additional options such as SSL can be purchased and enabled."
"The price was well over six figures."
"The NetFlow security could be improved too."
"The price varies by use case and there are monthly and annual licensing options. If you deploy on-premise, there is an annual license with the amount dependent on the throughput you need and which features you will be using - i.e. IPS, behavioral, etc."
"The cost for maintenance is cheaper because the majority of the deployments using the solution are in areas where cost of maintenance is also lower."
"The product's pricing is a good value."
"The licensing cost is about $50,000."
"The pricing is based on the amount of network traffic and the number of packets being inspected."
"Radware DefensePro is expensive when considering the issue we have and its limitations."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Check Point DDoS Protector?
It can be deployed as a hardware appliance, virtual appliance, or as a cloud service.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Check Point DDoS Protector?
I don't deal with the pricing, but it seems that you need to get basic support in order to upgrade the DDoS database for new attacks and so on.
What needs improvement with Check Point DDoS Protector?
Some features are more advanced, however, using them is hard for us. The documentation is not as precise and does not have enough examples to understand how it works. Advanced knowledge is required...
What do you like most about Radware DefensePro?
The dashboard is the best part, and there is also the ease of operations.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Radware DefensePro?
Radware DefensePro is a bit on the expensive side. While researching DDoS solutions and looking for the most affordable option, I'd recommend considering Radware DefensePro even though it might not...
What needs improvement with Radware DefensePro?
We've been encountering a lack of updates in DefensePro. Currently, we're facing numerous bugs within our data solution. These bugs are impacting the failover process, and we're observing repeated ...

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