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We performed a comparison between BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer and SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer vs. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite Report (Updated: November 2022).
657,397 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The solution is innovative. Specifically for the overseas and time differences, you can feel the efficiency of Batch Impact Manager on jobs, batch processing, and impact management. It works the best on these kinds of issues. It saves us time and money, which is important. We save a lot using Control-M.""It is very stable. We hardly get calls in respect to issues on Control-M, particularly on version 9.0.19.""In our bank, all new applications need to be implemented with Control-M. We try to look for the best way to establish communication between both products. One of the new features for us is Application Integrator. It is a very interesting feature because it lets us integrate with those applications that are not included in Control-M. By using Application Integrator, we can easily integrate new technologies. With the help of Application Integrator, we recently integrated with Blue Prism, which is a robotic product. We could integrate such processes into Control-M. Now, we are working with Ansible, and we are putting Ansible automated processes into Control-M.""Control-M has helped us resolve issues 70% to 80% faster. It provides us with alerts instead of having someone go to that particular server and check the logs to determine where the issue is. We can simply click on the alert information, then everything is in front of us. This provides us with time savings, human effort savings, and process savings.""In the client, it provides a unified view for me. I can alter the view that I want to see jobs and conditions. This is nice to have. The fact that you can see everything in one space is very important, especially these days where everything is about data and monitoring as well as because we are working from home on a global basis. So, I can monitor jobs in real-time, along with any failures or anything that might be stuck. The real-time monitoring and the ability to see everything in one place is important for us because we operate 24/7.""It is an enterprise tool that integrates with all the applications in our organization. It has made our life easier because we don't need to wake up at midnight and do monitoring, etc. It does everything. It also sends precautionary alerts. If a job or activity is running for more than the specified time, it alerts the application team. So, our teams do not need to sit in front of a laptop or any open application to watch the jobs. They can do their other regular activities while Control-M takes care of all the jobs. It notifies them when there is job completion, delay, and error.""We used Control-M's Python Client and cloud data service integrations with AWS and, as a feature, it was very customizable. It gave us a lot of flexibility for customizing whatever data maneuver we wanted to do within a pipeline.""We have a team called pro-mon and they monitor all the jobs for us. A single view for them makes it easy for them to monitor things."

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"The scalability of this solution is very good. The current solution is used wide spread in my company, but I don't have any plans to expand.""The solution supports all file transfers.""BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer is highly stable. It is enterprise-grade software. Doing a job of 10,000 to 20,000 the solution is very stable.""Our customers find the self-service feature the most valuable. Control-M offers great value to businesses by providing an option to see different flows and control and orchestrate the sequence of the execution. It is easy to use and integrate with different solutions. It is a good solution that is easy to implement and deliver.""This solution has a vast amount of features and with every new release, there are lots of new features introduced. The application has high availability—we have multiple customers and it's highly available. On an application level, if something goes down with the primary, then the application goes over to the secondary, so it's very, very easy to do disaster recovery. From an application integration point of view, it has a lot of APIs, rich APIs. Every month, they are releasing new APIs and new updates, like Java, but more than that. Now they are introducing a couple more APIs, which you can use to integrate your controlling environment with any applications you want.""The most important aspect is the ability to integrate different platforms.""I am a partner and an implementer for Control-M. Once purchased by my clients, I implement this solution and provide daily support for this scheduling tool.""The GUI is good if I'm comparing it to other scheduling products."

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"With SEEBURGER BIS, you can string as many different activities together in your workflows as you want. You can put them in any order, like a piece of code. One leads into the next, which leads into the next. It is just very flexible from that vantage point. This makes it so easy to use and reduces the number of moving parts that you need to have. It is just a lot less frustrating not having to conform to how some other vendor software works.""One of the most valuable features is the option to have all integration patterns constantly updated in one platform. That is the main strength I see in using SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS). It means I can use a very old-fashioned pattern, combined with a very modern pattern. There are no limitations in terms of combining components because all the components simply fit together.""SEEBURGER has helped us to enable digital business transformation. Every time we add a new customer, there is a digital footprint. This is no longer a manual process.""We haven't had any issues with scaling.""The solution helps us automate processes, more on the insurance side. Where they used to have to babysit monthly files, because of size, they don't have to do that with SEEBURGER BIS. They just run the monthly process. Files get collected, translated, and sent to the proper systems, so the babysitting is gone."

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"The documentation could be improved, and I'd also like to see automatic upgrades.""The high availability that comes from BMC with its supplied Postgres database is very limited. Even using your customer-supplied Postgres database is problematic. We have engaged with them regarding this, but it is difficult. My company doesn't want to do this and BMC doesn't want to do that. We just need to find some middle ground to get the proper high availability. We're also moving away, like the rest of the world, from the more expensive offerings, like Oracle. We are trying to use Postgres, which is free. The stability is good. It is just that the high availability configuration is not ideal. It could be better.""The stability of Control-M has Not been great. A big thing we've been trying to work on with BMC is observability. Modern applications should be observable and resilient, but we're finding that sometimes Control-M is not very resilient and many times Control-M is not very observable.""A Control-M on-prem license is based on the number of jobs, which is the number of tasks a particular customer wants to have. These tasks have to be run within 24 hours window. For example, if you have a license for 100 jobs, you can run a maximum of 100 jobs in a 24-hour window. If your operations could not run 10 jobs, and they ran only 90 jobs, they just carry over to the next day, but the next day, they will have 110 jobs. Control-M asks you to buy those 10 more licenses because you were out of compliance in terms of the number of licenses. This is something that needs to be indicated in Control-M GUI so that customers know the number of licenses they're going to use in this time window. Their support and documentation should be improved. I am not that satisfied with their customer support. Sometimes, they don't have the answers. Their documentation is very poor. It is not well written, and it is not in a very logical manner. You can use it on Unix, Linux, Windows, and AIX, but it needs some improvement on iSeries. It needs a built-in mechanism inside the system to give you an option to restore from the last point of failure. If a process crashes, the Control-M needs to have a mechanism in iSeries where the process can be restored from the last point of failure.""For installing or upgrading the PeopleSoft and SAP plugins, currently there is no way to do it via Control-M Configuration Manager. So, we are installing or upgrading the plugins, like PeopleSoft and SAP, manually. If BMC could provide an option via Control-M Configuration Manager to upgrade these plugins, it probably would reduce a lot of manual work as well as ease our work. This is one improvement that I personally want to see, because it would help our way of working.""I would like to see more auditing capabilities. Right now, it has the basics and I've been trying to set those up to work with what our auditors are looking for.""They can give more predefined plug-ins so that we don't have to create them.""They can improve their interface."

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"I believe that the API should be upgraded with security control from the DM. There is Currently no security for the app API solution.""I'd like to see MFT included as part of the overall product and not a cost add-on as AFT used to be included and they stopped supporting that and now have come up with MFT and you now have to pay for it separately.""Their support can be improved. I would like them to provide support in Spanish and have more knowledge.""The only improvement I would suggest is the license pricing should be a little reduced. Apart from that, I don't see anything else as a major concern with the tool right now.""BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer has a scheduler and what they do is capture the steps based on the script, and then they put it into the Control-M job, or task. Any system that has the script behind it the solution can do it.""This solution could be improved by making it possible to better control GUI when interfacing with other systems.""We'd like it to be easier to maintain the administrative side.""The solution lacks a graphical user interface for reporting."

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"We occasionally get ZIP files. Sometimes the ZIP file has one file inside of it, and sometimes the ZIP file might have 30 files inside of it. We have been working with SEEBURGER to enhance their PKUNZIP process to be able to unzip multiple files in a single workflow instead of just one file. This is still something that is in process.""All the topics we've identified have been placed on the SEEBURGER roadmap already... Among the things we have requested are improvements in the user interface and improvements that would be implemented by completely new modules or improvements in their Cloud Services.""A person whom I work with, and is not very technical, found the setup complex, as there are a lot of steps.""They have their own private cloud. That's the reason we did not go ahead with managing everything by ourselves or moving into the cloud. They said that they're going to be doing it within the next two years, having access to Azure and AWS. That would be something we would like to see.""Java is very old technology and they should move away from it, to anything that's better."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The cost is basically $100 a job, give or take."
  • "This is an area where it is a little difficult to work with BMC. They want to do licenses by job, which is what we have. For example, the simplest is to license by job, but they can also license by nodes. While the licensing is simple to use, it might not be the correct licensing model for the customer. It is okay because we want to license by job, which is something measurable. At the end of the day, licensing by job is the most important."
  • "The cost of the hardware is high. Because you need to license each job, it is costly."
  • "You're going to spend a lot of money upfront, but the benefits you're going to get out of it are going to quickly pay for it."
  • "Initially, our licensing model was based on the number of jobs per day. That caused some issues because we were restricted to a number. So at our renewal time we said, 'We want to convert from number of jobs to number of endpoints.' That cost us extra money but it gave us additional capabilities, without worrying about the number of jobs."
  • "BMC's price is based on the number of jobs."
  • "You must accept that BMC licensing can be very confusing. No one can easily understand how they calculate things, whether it is user-based, job-based, or server-based. The calculation is quite tough. How BMC calculates licensing is not easily available anywhere."
  • "There are human costs in addition to the standard pricing and licensing of this solution."
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  • "Its cost is high for small companies."
  • "The licensing is a bit more expensive than other tools, so if a client is focused on the cost, that would be something to consider. The licensing should be cheaper."
  • "This solution is very expensive compared to others in the market. Previously it was the only solution in our country to offer this kind of functionality. However, technology has caught up and many competitors offer the same at a lower price."
  • "The license model is based on the number of tasks or jobs required. The price overall is expensive. In my country, we don't have any choice but to use them because no one can match their capability."
  • "BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer is expensive."
  • "I switched to this solution within the last year. I switched from the servers payment package to the job payment package, and it is very expensive."
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  • "They need to be more competitively priced. When it comes to training, they need to lower their prices. It shouldn't be so specific. Maybe they should outsource training to another company. From what I can see, their training is pretty expensive, and they don't do anything for free."
  • "They have options for every budget. You can book Cloud Services, starting with a few hundred Euros per year or month, depending on what you want, or you can even buy huge landscapes and operate them on your own. The pricing is fair compared to others."
  • "I have had exposure to other big vendors over the years and would have to say the pricing is pretty typical. They all fall into a common pricing range, at least the bigger vendors: Axway, IBM Sterling, Globalscape, and SEEBURGER. They all fall into that mid-tier pricing. So, SEEBURGER is commensurate with other large integration vendors operating in this space. Maybe it is lower than some of the really high-end ones. You can get some of these high-end transactional messaging integration systems, like TIBCO, that tend to be kind of on a higher echelon of pricing. I would say SEEBURGER is more mid-level."
  • "We pay for a maximum number of setups, then we pay per customer map, and we pay maintenance on each one of those. BIS provides the flexibility to pay as you grow. The price of each customer map is €200 and the hourly rate for maintenance is fairly reasonable."
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    657,397 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Also Known As
    Control M
    Learn More

    Control-M simplifies application and data workflow orchestration on premises or as a service. It makes it easy to build, define, schedule, manage, and monitor production workflows, ensuring visibility, reliability, and improving SLAs.

    • Accelerate new business applications into production—by embedding workflow orchestration into your CI/CD pipeline
    • Scale Dev and Ops collaboration, with a Jobs-as-Code approach
    • Simplify workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform integrations
    • Deliver data-driven outcomes faster, managing big data workflows in a scalable way
    • Take control of your file transfer operations with integrated, intelligent file movement and visibility

    Control-M Managed File Transfer is a market leader in the field of building, scheduling, and managing internal and external file transfers. Users of this solution are able to automate whole portions of the transfer process. They can set up a dynamic scheduling feature, which will activate once a transfer operation has concluded. This automatically updates the schedule of activities that your system is supposed to perform. However, this feature does not stop with simply setting a schedule. After the schedule is updated, the system will set those activities in motion. The automation relieves you of the need to assign a team to write scripts or any kind of manual work. This will ensure that everything runs on schedule while at the same time reducing the amount of resources necessary to make that happen.

    Control-M Managed File Transfer has a simplified and unified dashboard. Users are able to view and access all of the system’s file transfer information. This platform provides a high level of visibility and intuitive use. It ensures that users will be able to view any stage of their file transfer operations at any time that they wish. Users can conduct a quick search with specific pre-set search options and find any piece of information they might require.

    Key Features

    Some of Control-M Managed File Transfer’s key features include:

    • The ability to view and search any and all information related to the transfer of your files from a single dashboard. Control-M Managed File Transfer’s operations dashboard enables users to track all aspects of their file transfer with ease.
    • The ability to set up a virtual hub with users and folders based in the cloud. Control-M Managed File Transfer allows you to involve partners in your business ventures. This program gives users the ability to create a virtual space in which to house the files related to your business partners. You will be able to grant them access to this space by establishing them within the system as the users of the space. This will enable them to manage their files in a space that is connected to your system.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Control-M Managed File Transfer stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are the robustness of the solution and its ability to integrate easily with other related programs. It is constantly being upgraded to meet the varied needs of its users.

    A software engineer at a computer software company notes the robust nature of this solution when he writes, “This solution has a vast amount of features, and with every new release, there are lots of new features introduced. The application has high availability - we have multiple customers and it's highly available. On an application level, if something goes down with the primary, then the application goes over to the secondary, so it's very, very easy to do disaster recovery.”

    Another PeerSpot user, who is an RPA-WLA BU director at a tech services company, takes note of how easy it is to use Control-M Managed File Transfer in conjunction with other products. They point out, “It is easy to use and integrate with different solutions. It is a good solution that is easy to implement and deliver.”

    With SEEBURGER’s experienced team behind you, and SEEBURGER BIS as the foundation of your hybrid integration strategy, you’re prepared for whatever comes your way – even as your business gains complexity and integration requirements increase.

    SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) is a unified, agile, secure and scalable platform that solves integration challenges across your business and ecosystem, so that you can make valuable connections between clouds, applications and people.

    Our platform provides integration across all scenarios, including B2B/EDI, MFT, API and ERP on-premises, in the cloud and hybrid, in addition to expert support that is unmatched in the industry for your simplest to your most complex integrations.

    Your APIs are likely multiplying quickly, and if you’re looking for a solution to manage, secure and scale them properly, you get all of the benefits and less of the hassle with our API Management toolkit.

    Bring us your toughest B2B/EDI challenges. We help with difficult onboarding and partner connections, and will save you time and effort to complete complex projects. We make B2B easy with pre-packaged, re-usable content and automation capability, so your team can make the connection, and move on to the next mission.

    Simplify your workload with our iPaaS solution. SEEBURGER iPaaS enables your team to save man-hours connecting data, applications and systems, by letting us handle all the time-consuming platform operations. We cover maintenance, updates, security, scalability and more.

    Did you know that without managed file transfer (MFT), your company is at greater risk for a data breach? It’s as simple, and as dangerous, as that. The security and control you get with our centralized, easy-to-use solution ensures less risk for the company, and more sleep at night for you.

    Our customers say it best! Check out our reviews you’ll see that SEEBURGER’s rock-solid, built-from-the-ground-up platform, is combined with an expert team, and stellar service. We power your connections, future-proof your vision and give you a competitive edge.

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    Sample Customers
    CARFAX, Tampa General Hospital, Navistar, Amadeus, Raymond James, Railinc
    British Sky Broadcasting
    Altis, Autoliv, Cebi, Cofresco, MoneyGram International, Samsonite Europe, VSP Global, BMW Group, OSRAM, Magna, Lavazza
    Top Industries
    Financial Services Firm32%
    Computer Software Company13%
    Healthcare Company7%
    Financial Services Firm25%
    Computer Software Company19%
    Insurance Company9%
    Comms Service Provider5%
    Financial Services Firm25%
    Computer Software Company19%
    Insurance Company9%
    Comms Service Provider8%
    Manufacturing Company23%
    Transportation Company16%
    Pharma/Biotech Company10%
    Computer Software Company29%
    Financial Services Firm9%
    Comms Service Provider6%
    Manufacturing Company6%
    Company Size
    Small Business12%
    Midsize Enterprise9%
    Large Enterprise79%
    Small Business14%
    Midsize Enterprise9%
    Large Enterprise77%
    Small Business27%
    Midsize Enterprise55%
    Large Enterprise18%
    Small Business13%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise73%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise86%
    Small Business22%
    Midsize Enterprise19%
    Large Enterprise60%
    Buyer's Guide
    BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer vs. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer vs. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
    657,397 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer is ranked 3rd in Managed File Transfer (MFT) with 10 reviews while SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is ranked 4th in Managed File Transfer (MFT) with 5 reviews. BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer is rated 8.6, while SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer writes "Adaptable, useful file transfer, and has helpful technical support". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite writes "You can string as many different activities together in your workflows as you want". BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer is most compared with AWS Transfer for SFTP, IBM Sterling File Gateway, MOVEit, Sterling Commerce Connect:Direct and CA XCOM Data Transport, whereas SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is most compared with IBM B2B Integrator, Mule ESB, SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Cloud Platform and IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services. See our BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer vs. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite report.

    See our list of best Managed File Transfer (MFT) vendors.

    We monitor all Managed File Transfer (MFT) reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.