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Azure Firewall Manager
Ranking in Microsoft Security Suite
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Ranking in other categories
Firewall Security Management (13th)
Microsoft Defender XDR
Ranking in Microsoft Security Suite
Average Rating
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Ranking in other categories
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) (7th), Extended Detection and Response (XDR) (5th)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Microsoft Security Suite category, the mindshare of Azure Firewall Manager is 0.6%, up from 0.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Defender XDR is 4.9%, down from 10.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Microsoft Security Suite
Unique Categories:
Firewall Security Management
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Featured Reviews

Gunjan Singh. - PeerSpot reviewer
May 26, 2023
Useful testing, simple configuration, and scales well
We use Azure Firewall Manager for testing and security policies The most valuable feature of Azure Firewall Manager is the testing and configuration. The solution can improve the integration with open-source tools. I have been using Azure Firewall Manager for approximately seven months. I rate…
Brian Mulambuzi - PeerSpot reviewer
May 14, 2024
Helps improve our visibility, our security posture, and defends against advanced threats
Microsoft Defender XDR provides a unified identity and access management platform. It does a good job with identity protection. Including identity and access management within Defender XDR is valuable because it streamlines our organization's security by consolidating multiple tools into one. This eliminates the need to manage and pay for separate solutions and licenses, simplifying our security posture. Microsoft Defender XDR has improved our visibility, making us more efficient by providing threat details and remediation steps as well as improving our security posture. It safeguards our organization by preventing advanced threats like ransomware and business email compromise, along with stopping lateral movement within our network that could enable attackers to spread and gain wider access. It includes the ability to stop attacks and adapt to evolving threats. This is an important feature for us. We have been enabled to discontinue using Microsoft Sentinel. Microsoft Defender XDR helps save costs through the licensing for businesses which is around $20 each and helps save time for our security team.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"It is easy to install and does not require any plugins for your browser."
"The solution is very easy to set up."
"The solution has improved our organization with its firewall."
"The most valuable feature of Azure Firewall Manager is the testing and configuration."
"The tool's support is good."
"It has great stability."
"The threat intelligence is excellent."
"The product is very easy to use."
"The product integrates security into one tool instead of having third-party security tools."
"The most valuable features of Microsoft 365 Defender are the combination of all the capabilities and centralized management."
"Defender is easy to use. It has a nice console, and everything is all in one place."
"Microsoft 365 Defender's most valuable feature is the ability to control the shadow IP."
"I like Defender XDR's reports and alerts. They give you updates about the latest hotfixes and zero-day vulnerabilities, which gives me all the information I need to maintain my servers."


"The price is okay. This said, the solution is certainly expensive in comparison with other cloud services."
"The tool's security features need to improve. It needs also to include a monitoring system for logs. It is also complicated to find a query on the Azure firewall."
"The solution can improve the integration with open-source tools."
"We could do only one-way NAT-ing, where the traffic comes from outside to internal, to Azure, which is fine. However, when we actually do NAT-ed traffic to hit the firewall, that way is not working."
"There should be a simple one-click deployment for a firewall, rather than a set of setup instructions that include steps such as the DNS configuration, et cetera."
"When discussing the secure score, which includes overviews and recommended actions, some of these recommended actions are not applicable to us, particularly those related to Microsoft Internet Explorer, which we do not use in any of our environments."
"The licensing is a nightmare and has room for improvement."
"There are still some components, such as vulnerability management within the vendor product, where improved integration would be beneficial."
"The data recovery and backup could be improved."
"Microsoft Defender XDR is not a full-fledged EDR or XDR."
"The interface could be improved. For example, if you want to do a phishing simulation for your employees, it can take a while to figure out what to do. The interface is a bit messy and could be updated. It isn't too bad, but doing some things can be a long process."
"The patching capability should be there. Patching is something that you cannot do even though you see the vulnerabilities present in your environment. For patching, you have to depend on another solution."
"My client would like the solution to be more customizable without using code. You can only build on the default console, but we're not allowed to change it."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The price of the solution is reasonable but it is reasonable for the features."
"The solution is certainly expensive in comparison with other cloud services."
"We've managed to navigate it effectively through our enterprise agreement, and Microsoft's academic discounts have proven to be quite generous."
"Microsoft Defender XDR is already included in our Office 365 licensing. It is better because we're saving money by using it."
"Microsoft should provide lower-level licensing options. They should do it in such a way that even an individual could purchase a license, and it should be entirely flexible."
"I would like to have more security features in the lower licenses because not every customer is able to buy E5 licenses. The bundling isn't always easy for our customers to understand. Compared to other tools, it's a good price."
"The solution is too expensive."
"The price of the solution is high compared to others and we have lost some customers because of it."
"I believe the pricing is fair and acceptable. I consider it to be reasonable and satisfactory."
"On average, we pay around 55 euros per user for the services and features we receive."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Azure Firewall Manager?
The most valuable feature of Azure Firewall Manager is the testing and configuration.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Azure Firewall Manager?
The price of the solution is reasonable but it is reasonable for the features.
What needs improvement with Azure Firewall Manager?
The solution can improve the integration with open-source tools.
What do you like most about Microsoft 365 Defender?
Microsoft Defender XDR provides strong identity protection with comprehensive insights into risky user behavior and potential indicators of compromise.
What needs improvement with Microsoft 365 Defender?
Just like in any solution, the price can always be cheaper.

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Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Threat Protection, MS 365 Defender



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Accenture, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, General Electric, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and many others.
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789,674 professionals have used our research since 2012.