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As of June 2024, in the Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Protection category, the mindshare of Arbor DDoS is 16.7%, up from 12.2% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Radware DefensePro is 9.3%, up from 6.7% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Protection
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Feb 06, 2020

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Aug 3, 2022
A stable solution with good protection against volumetric DDoS attacks
Our company uses a platform to render the solution to our customers and ensure quality service. We build the solution based on our data centers and infrastructure and then deliver an ID appliance to the customer that communicates with our routers and network. The solution provides flow spec…
Apr 9, 2024
100% availability, good dashboards, and ease of operations
Security is the most important benefit. In security services, we need to get proactive information. After implementing Radware DefensePro, we have a dashboard, and we can do proactive detection. It helps us to be reactive as well as proactive to protect the customers. Radware DefensePro provides a single dashboard for our operations team and the admin team. It is very convenient. All the information is available in a single place. As a service provider, we are using the Radware SecOps dashboard as per our customer's requirements. It is always customized. The Radware SecOps dashboard is quite useful. It is generally used by my team. I am not using it directly. My team uses it for day-to-day operations. The Radware SecOps dashboard is easy to use. The interface is very user-friendly. This is the feedback that I am getting from my team. Radware DefensePro is very useful for protecting our organization against DDoS threats and attacks. We evaluated it against a lot of its competitors and finalized it. It is definitely useful, and it serves the purpose. We are serving the BFSI customers. There are also a lot of trading companies. We are able to meet the compliance requirements for the Internet traffic given by the Reserve Bank of India and SEBI. Radware DefensePro is able to detect attacks in real-time. It does the detection and provides alerts in real-time as well. The action is something we need to take. My team has not reported any false negatives given by Radware DefensePro. The proactive information and the dashboard of Radware DefensePro definitely give us comfort. It also helps me with online reporting for my customers, which is not in real-time, but whenever a customer asks for a report, we share the report with the customer. Radware DefensePro has not helped us reduce downtime associated with attacks because we did not have any downtime previously. We have been lucky. The downtime was not there at all, but it is helping to maintain our uptime. We are able to maintain that now.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Its scalability is big. It is for large deployments of big organizations and service providers."
"The technical support of Arbor DDoS is good."
"There are a number of valuable features in this product, like Cloud Signaling and Threat Intelligence feeds."
"Our customers are very happy when we provide them with the interface... They can check how many attacks they have faced and how many attacks have been blocked."
"The stability is okay and we have not encountered problems with the solution."
"The auto-mitigation, that signaling feature, where it automatically raises an alarm that a line is under attack, is important. The upstream service provider will then do something to reduce the load on our internet lines. The fact that it's automated means I don't have to sit and always be looking at threats coming through. It does it almost automatically, without any intervention by me."
"We also use it by serving our customers' cloud signaling services with on-premise APS devices."
"The most valuable features include the traffic categorization and control of the traffic. The filtering of the traffic is very precise. When you want to stop some traffic, you precisely stop that traffic."
"The important features include automated protection and defense against many attacks, it's important that our networks are protected in the Radware cloud."
"The DDoS protection that the solution provides is its most valuable feature."
"With the secure signature feature, the Radware DefensePro is a big assistance. It is a big help to our customers to improve their productivity and performance. The prompt response from the Radware team is definitely increasing in the new era."
"They have a hybrid model approach if a client wants to go that way."
"Radware DefensePro's most valuable feature lies in its ability to mitigate non-traffic attacks."
"As a service provider, we use the SecOps dashboard feature. That's where we check the time of attacks to see if an attack is happening at the moment or if it has already happened... It is very dynamic and helps us know when an attack occurred, how long it lasted, and what type of attack it was."
"A valuable feature is the speed of signature updates."
"This solution is extremely scalable and has the highest level throughput (100G) which complies with Telco deployment."


"An improvement would be to provide information on how pricing is done on different customer levels."
"Arbor DDoS could improve out-of-the-box reporting, it could be better."
"Because we had some routers that were somewhat old, they were not integrated with Arbor. They did not support the NetFlow version that Arbor was running. That was a challenge. We had to upgrade the routers. Some backward-compatibility would be helpful."
"Arbor Pravail APS devices do not sync features or config the backup enough. This needs to be improved."
"There should be an automatic way to configure it to monitor traffic and decide which is an attack and which is not. In Arbor, you need to tweak and set all parameters manually, whereas in Check Point DDoS Protector, you can select the lowest parameters, and over the weeks, Check Point DDoS Protector will learn the traffic and you can then tighten some of the parameters to decide which traffic is regular and which is malicious."
"A small improvement could be a better reporting system."
"An issue which needs to be addressed concerns information I received of attacks on the radar and Arbor, allegedly, not taking any action."
"Implementation could be better."
"If they would go to a cloud-based approach, that would give much more flexibility in terms of working with them."
"Radware DefensePro requires a continuous learning process. Using this technology, we can improve our network. Based on the different attack mechanisms, we use Radware DefensePro to provide security for our clients' networks very effectively."
"The inability to access local technical support during our business hours poses a significant inconvenience."
"It would be ideal if they could expand protocol support to cover emerging communication standards and ensure comprehensive protection against diverse attack vectors."
"I had some trouble in the registration account prior to deployment, but it was fixed. They were not very fast or responsive, however. It took about one week to resolve the issue."
"The solution is a little more pricey than other options on the market."
"It could incorporate more intelligence for reacting with web site visitors."
"I would like to see more graphics within the dashboard. Right now, you are required to buy tools in order to have graphical representation for your monitoring."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The licensing of a complete Arbor solution, including fire-walling and unified site management, can get expensive."
"Start with a small license. Measure your bandwidth requirements."
"The price is a little high."
"Arbor's products are very expensive. Their competitors are cheap when compared with Arbor."
"The solution's pricing is based on a licensing model that is expensive when compared to other tools."
"Arbor is striking a good balance between pricing and what they deliver."
"Arbor DDoS is quite expensive, but all these solutions are expensive because they deal with confidential information."
"The price of Arbor DDoS depends on many parameters. It depends on the physical capacity of the environment, and it is not a straight-line price. It's fairly competitive in the market on the price."
"The cost for maintenance is cheaper because the majority of the deployments using the solution are in areas where cost of maintenance is also lower."
"The product's pricing is a good value."
"It is expensive. I would rate it a seven out of ten for pricing."
"The price varies by use case and there are monthly and annual licensing options. If you deploy on-premise, there is an annual license with the amount dependent on the throughput you need and which features you will be using - i.e. IPS, behavioral, etc."
"The price was well over six figures."
"Radware DefensePro is expensive when considering the issue we have and its limitations."
"The NetFlow security could be improved too."
"It is sort of middle-of-the-road for this type of solution."
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Questions from the Community

Which is the best DDoS protection solution for a big ISP for monitoring and mitigating?
I would say if it’s an ISP that will build a scrubbing center, Netscout/Arbor is a good solution. In all other solutions, Imperva is a great choice.
Which is the best DDoS protection solution for a big ISP for monitoring and mitigating?
Arbor would be the best bid, apart from Arbor, Palo Alto and Fortinet have good solutions. As this is an ISP, I would prefer Arbor.
What do you like most about Arbor DDoS?
The quality of the technical support provided by Arbor DDoS is premium.
What do you like most about Radware DefensePro?
The dashboard is the best part, and there is also the ease of operations.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Radware DefensePro?
Radware DefensePro is a bit on the expensive side. While researching DDoS solutions and looking for the most affordable option, I'd recommend considering Radware DefensePro even though it might not...
What needs improvement with Radware DefensePro?
We've been encountering a lack of updates in DefensePro. Currently, we're facing numerous bugs within our data solution. These bugs are impacting the failover process, and we're observing repeated ...

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