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Apr 9, 2024
Creating user interfaces is highly productive when these interfaces are integrated with the original database
The case management studio is still immature, but it looks very nice. However, the VPN should be improved. The case management system needs improvement, but it has some promising features. Appian has the commitment to continuous improvement. With each new release, they enhance the platform for all users.Currently, making changes requires too much backend development work. They're working on streamlining this process, particularly with VPN integration. As it stands, storing everything in memory doesn't effectively handle large datasets. Transitioning VPN processes to a more traditional database approach would greatly improve scalability and usability in real-world scenarios When the sentences are too long, they become difficult to manage. The scalability is low, when they become complex. The integrations are fine. There are some minor errors and details, but it does a great job in explaining errors within Appian. Internally, there is much information to help you understand what's going on, but not always. Sometimes, it's difficult to know what's happening, but these instances are rare. Architecturally, there is an issue with Appian that it tends to put all the applications in the same infrastructure. Big customers resort to having several installations of Appian to deploy different applications in different infrastructures. They face the problem of managing assignments. Appian should make it easy to deploy different applications in separate infrastructures. Additionally, there needs to be a way to unify them because without using VPN, users are left without a unified inbox. Applications can't use the VPN and have to resort to their own solutions to show users their work, leading to inconsistency. Since each application is different, it becomes crucial to have a centralized point where users can find their work. Even if the applications are split into different installations, there needs to be a single way for users to find all their work.
HappyBhalla - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 19, 2023
Helps with code review, test case generation, and chat features
In a few cases, the results aren't correct, so that needs improvement. Also, it would be great if the results could be presented in different formats, not just text. As engineers, it takes time to read through text-based results. If they could provide diagrams or basic design architectures, it would be easier to understand and take less time to review. So, as of now, image functionality is not provided by GitHub Copilot, and it would be great if they could add that. So, I would like to see improvements in the result generation, more results, different result formats, and image functionality.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"We appreciate the drag and drop functionality and the easy to access plug and play features."
"The application life cycle is very clear. I started learning it and giving some workshops to my team. Creating the users and the building is very structured. Documentation is nice and it's easy to learn."
"Appian also has very flexible local integration."
"The most valuable feature is business automation."
"Call Web Service Smart Service - Web service integrations with other systems are super simple and fast to create, supported by low code menus."
"The initial setup is easy."
"The low code functionality and being able to get applications faster to customers or to the market are valuable."
"It has very flexible adaptation and the ability to save and automate processes."
"Initially, OpenAI is free, but you'll need to pay for it later."
"GitHub CoPilot helps us auto-complete code. The tool's context awareness benefits our projects because it identifies the context in which we are working and automatically proposes solutions that we use."
"The CoPilot app that you can use while creating presentations is very useful."
"The document generation features are valuable."
"The product's initial setup phase is easy."
"The solution increases coding efficiency."
"The product's most valuable feature is vulnerability management features."
"GitHub CoPilot accelerates productivity. It is an easy-to-use solution that is also helpful in saving the team's time."


"There are some restrictions with respect to using external components within Appian. So, for example, if we do not have a particular feature available, there's a long cycle of getting approvals and all of that. That does not offer flexibility, which definitely can be improved on."
"Appian could improve their customer-facing initiatives."
"It would be nice if you could create your own customized apps when the business needed them.​"
"It is difficult to set up the on-premise version."
"There is no UI customization possible."
"Occasionally, certain pre-made modules may not be necessary and customers may desire greater customization options. Instead of being limited to pre-designed features, they may prefer a more flexible version that allows for greater customization."
"There are four areas I believe Appian could improve in. The first is a seamless contact center integration. Appian does not have a contact center feature. The second is advanced features in RPA. The third would be chatbot and email bot integration—while Appian comes with chatbot and email bot, it's not as mature as it should be, compared to the competition. The fourth area would be next best action, since there is not much of this sort of feature in Appian. These are all features which competitors' products have, and in a mature manner, whereas Appian lacks on these four areas. I see customers who are moving from Appian to Pega because these features are not in Appian."
"One room for improvement is the ease of UI UX development, like in OutSystems and Mendix."
"The tool must improve its ability to work with multiple files."
"In certain instances, OpenAI didn't respond in the expected way. The responses were more general and didn't address the specific point."
"There's room for improvement to ensure that suggestions align more precisely with the context of what I'm seeking, minimizing instances of unrelated or inaccurate code suggestions."
"The product's price is an area of concern where improvements are required."
"The solution is expensive. It should also support other programming languages."
"There are no extensions provided by the product for Eclipse."
"The tool needs to focus on integration, as it is the most important aspect. I would like to see some pre-designed modules included in my projects."
"GitHub CoPilot's stability is an area of concern where improvements are required."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The solution offers a monthly subscription model. That's what we use. I recall it being about $90 a month. They do have different tiers."
"The cost is calculated on a per-user basis. It might be expensive for small and mid-sized enterprises."
"The licensing will be on a monthly basis. We are estimating that cost to be around $2000 to maybe $3,000 per month. We don't foresee any costs above that."
"BPM done right is a huge value proposition for almost any company, and with Appian's low code rapid development model, the ROI can be huge, while the break-even point should be accelerated tremendously."
"The license is not very cheap. It's on the expensive side."
"More flexibility in the licensing model is still needed because initially there were customers who are looking at only one or two use cases of business areas, but now the business areas are changing and there is a larger scope. One license model may not fit everyone. They need to be a little more flexible on the licensing model."
"The cost depends on the number of users, although I recommend taking an unlimited license."
"When it comes to pricing, it's definitely not affordable. However, it really depends on the requirements that you're seeking from the solution."
"It's affordable."
"GitHub CoPilot comes readily available for enterprise customers, so it's a free add-on if you already have GitHub's enterprise license."
"We have a license but need another one for the GitHub CoPilot tool."
"The solution is costly."
"GitHub CoPilot's pricing is reasonable. Our licensing costs were initially monthly, but then we switched to yearly payments. I rate the tool's pricing an eight out of ten."
"The product offers a free version and a paid version. Whether to choose the product's free version or paid version depends on the size of the company where it will be used."
"We have a demo license. Once we understand what we'll do, we'll start with a paid license."
"A personal license is priced at ten dollars per month, while a professional or enterprise license costs nineteen dollars per user, and these rates are consistent for all users."
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Questions from the Community

Which do you prefer - Appian or Camunda Platform?
Appian is fast when building simple to medium solutions. This solution offers simple drag-and-drop functionality with easy plug-and-play options. The initial setup was seamless and very easy to imp...
Is Appian a suitable solution for beginners who have no additional preparation?
Appian is actually pretty big on educating its users, including with courses that reward you with certifications. There is a whole section on their company’s website where you can check out the edu...
Is it easy to set up Appian or did you have to resort to professional help?
We had some issues when we were setting up Appian. It was quite surprising, since this is a low-code tool which, in its essence, means it is meant for business users and inexperienced beginners. So...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for GitHub CoPilot?
We have a demo license. Once we understand what we'll do, we'll start with a paid license.
What needs improvement with GitHub CoPilot?
The tool needs to focus on integration, as it is the most important aspect. I would like to see some pre-designed modules included in my projects.



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789,577 professionals have used our research since 2012.