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Amazon Elastic Load Balancing vs Citrix ADC comparison

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"The solution is very well integrated into Amazon's services."

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"Manageability and visibility are good.""I like app flows and custom flows. They integrate with multiple flows.""The solution is easy to work with and manage.""Citrix Director has been great. It gives us one pane of glass to be able to monitor what's going on with the user sessions as well as to keep on top of the virtual desktops, any servers that may be offline or behaving suspiciously, or any troublesome spots like disconnections. We also use Citrix Studio for maintaining the actual servers that are hosting these applications. We use it for delivery groups in case we need to modify delivery groups in regards to which groups have access to which applications. It has been very helpful.""High availability, performance, and security are the main pillars. It enhances the security for accessing the applications.""It's very easy to configure.""Its flexibility, agility, and robustness are the most valuable. Its management and implementation are also quite easy.""Easy, user-friendly setup with content switching and integrated caching features."

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"It would be good if we had a product that integrates well with third-party vendors. Some of our customers want a multi-cloud solution. They don't want to be tied up to or be in just one cloud."

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"Citrix ADC can be really complex. It isn't very simple like some other appliances that I've worked with. You need a lot of skill and experience to manage it. I'm not talking about a year or two. You need at least four years to understand it very well. It is not that easy to learn. They should make it a lot simpler for users to understand the management of it. They can also provide some additional training. The material they have on the site is not sufficient enough for you to understand how to manage it. Their training is expensive, and not everyone has the funds and experience for it. Citrix isn't very popular around these parts of the world. So, it can use some more marketing, sales, enlightenment, and advertisement. These could bring more market for them. Basically, there are just a few companies that really go for Citrix. Most of the companies go for VMware because they marketed themselves more than Citrix. There isn't much difference between Citrix and VMware. VMware is a little more robust than Citrix. Citrix has focused more on desktops rather than server virtualization, and that's the advantage VMware has over Citrix. Citrix also needs to educate and inform users about the infrastructure that is supported with a version. Currently, if the customers don't look at the datasheet, they might miss this important information.""Citrix ADC is a complex product, and it takes time to understand these things. But the documentation is poor, and the deployment is difficult. Integration could also be better because what I find is that you cannot easily integrate the panel in the second sector. What I have found is that in the last index, there is a limitation when getting validated. Technical support could also be better.""The only thing customers told me that could be improved is that they would like to be able to purchase and receive the products in one box, rather than two boxes. This is something related to marketing, though.""They can improve the scalability and the multi-tenancy feature. We recently tried to configure an authentication, and we ran into some issues while using the web-based GUI. It was very slow when you log in with your credentials in the web-based GUI. Each time we clicked on the menu, it tried to do the authentication. It works properly in the console.""The solution could be more secure.""We are looking for some in-depth monitoring and analytics and more information that Citrix Director doesn't provide. ControlUp has insights that not only give you an overview but also allow you to do some drill-down troubleshooting for what's going on in your environment. We are looking for some more analytical and monitoring data to be able to monitor the environment better, not only from an application standpoint but also from the standpoint of the infrastructure to everything it sits on. They can provide more data to the administrators about what's going on within the application. They can provide data not only on the application side but also about what the application sits on. They're making strides with Citrix Analytics in regards to that.""There are certain features that are very useful and Citrix makes you pay a bit more for them.""Its GUI should be improved. Its CLI is powerful, but GUI needs more features."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
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  • "Our licensing fees including technical support are approximately $3,500 USD."
  • "It's an expensive product but it works well."
  • "We get value for money. Its price is fair. I don't think it is overpriced."
  • "This product is more expensive than some of the competitors."
  • "It is very pricey, but we get it. If you need the best, money shouldn't be a problem."
  • "When compared to other solutions, the cost is high."
  • "Its price is comparable to others and affordable."
  • "The price for Citrix ADC here in Mexico was good, when you compare it with F5 and Radware."
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    565,304 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Easy, user-friendly setup with content switching and integrated caching features.
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    There is a licensing fee, and we pay it once a year.
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    The only thing customers told me that could be improved is that they would like to be able to purchase and receive the products in one box, rather than two boxes. This is something related to… more »
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    Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as Amazon EC2 instances, containers, IP addresses, and Lambda functions. It can handle the varying load of your application traffic in a single Availability Zone or across multiple Availability Zones. Elastic Load Balancing offers three types of load balancers that all feature the high availability, automatic scaling, and robust security necessary to make your applications fault tolerant.

    Citrix ADC is an application delivery controller (ADC) that accelerates application performance, enhances application availability with advanced L4-7 load balancing, secures mission-critical apps from attacks and lowers server expenses by offloading computationally intensive tasks.

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    Find out what your peers are saying about F5, Kemp, Microsoft and others in Application Delivery Controllers (ADC). Updated: January 2022.
    565,304 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Amazon Elastic Load Balancing is ranked 15th in Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) with 1 review while Citrix ADC is ranked 4th in Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) with 19 reviews. Amazon Elastic Load Balancing is rated 0.0, while Citrix ADC is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Amazon Elastic Load Balancing writes "Easy to implement and integrates well with Amazon's solutions, but reporting would be a helpful feature". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Citrix ADC writes "A scalable and versatile solution that allows us to easily monitor and manage applications and publish to many devices". Amazon Elastic Load Balancing is most compared with Microsoft Azure Application Gateway, whereas Citrix ADC is most compared with F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), Microsoft Azure Application Gateway, HAProxy, Fortinet FortiADC and NGINX Plus.

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