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What is Clarity CA?

Clarity Client Automation (CA) consistently provides a fully transparent view of an organization's complete IT asset base and implements remote client management abilities and full automation for the administration of the end-user computing environment - either virtual or physical. Clarity CA can take on any IT environment, no matter how complex. It simplifies the everyday operational tasks that can slow down an enterprise's IT operations. Clarity CA will ensure that enterprise organizations are able to operate more effectively and deliver better outcomes and profitability.

Clarity CA is able to help organizations improve performance and the security of servers, desktops, laptops, and other devices with user self-service and policy-based client automation and dynamic analytics. The solution is also able to streamline the management process of virtual and physical environments, minimizing administration complexities while enhancing service delivery. This solution consistently supports the organization's transformation to a next-generation device management protocol.

Clarity CA Benefits

  • Cost-effective: Clarity CA enables organizations to realize key performance indicators (KPIs). The solution delivers full transparency of all critical device information, allowing organizations the ability to minimize spending, reduce power consumption, discover cost-effective processes, and make appropriate business choices that support effective, efficient business outcomes.
  • Minimize risk: Clarity CA plays an integral role in helping organizations maintain the highest levels of efficiency. The solution will keep the environment secure by staying abreast of the numerous patches and updates demanded by today’s dynamic environments. Clarity CA is able to deliver critical asset data to satisfy compliance regulations, thereby minimizing any financial loss to the organization for noncompliance.
  • Improve productivity: Clarity CA is able to automate everyday mundane tasks that can slow down productivity by freeing up critical resources to concentrate on the design and implementation of dynamic technology processes.

Clarity CA Features

  • Secure desktop control: Clarity CA allows IT personnel to accurately and securely view, manage, modify, control, and access the remote desktop and mobile systems regardless of the distance from the main branch.
  • Patch administration: Clarity CA’s content research team is available 24/7 to offer valuable and trustworthy software patch management. They are able to assist with auditing and analysis, testing, packaging, deployment, and more.
  • Software deployment: Clarity CA is able to simplify the deployment and updates of software throughout a diversified business ecosystem. The solution facilitates the maintenance of software configurations and rollouts throughout numerous platforms and geographic locations.
  • Device tracking: The solution offers a dynamic suite of device tracking and identification abilities that ensure organizations can appropriately manage and secure their physical and virtual environments.
  • Automated migration processes: Users are able to benefit from pre-built process-automation workflows, templates, and web-based wizards to simplify and normalize system migrations and deployments. Clarity CA gives IT personnel increased options when implementing individual, departmental or corporate-wide system refresh processes by allowing personalization and standardization throughout the migration process.

Clarity CA was previously known as Client Automation, CA Client Manager, CA Client Automation.

Clarity CA Customers

First Horizon National Corporation, Olympus, Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago LimitedŒ _Petrotrinî, Racing and Wagering Western Australia

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