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What is Automic Continuous Delivery for IBM Z?

Modernize your legacy systems.
We live in the online world. The way of business and technology seems to be all mobile and cloud these days. Nevertheless, mainframes remain paramount and integral to core business transactions worldwide and are here to stay.

At CA Technologies we feel that continuous delivery for the mainframe holds the key to digital transformation with minimal disruption. The mainframe needs to be connected to your continuous delivery pipelines and DevOps practices in order to be completely agile and responsive to business demands.

At present most mainframe users face significant challenges that hinder agility:

Driven by manual interactions–ISPF panels initiate CLIST scripts
Collaboration of multiple Dev and Ops teams involving lots of processes and procedures
Applications written many years ago in COBOL and other legacy languages
Treating the mix of mainframe and distributed apps found in most services differently with dedicated change processes and toolsets
Mitigating risk and ensure compliance in a highly regulated environment
Automic Continuous Delivery for IBM Z connects digital and mainframe applications, automates them and incorporates them in an automated workflow.

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