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    The ultimate feature is the product it produces. The ROI around that saves hours and hours. It's probably about a hundred days per year. The time savings and the ability to turn it around quickly pleases our customers.
  2. The ability to embed, and dynamically repeat, templates within each other is a very simple yet extremely powerful tool.Globally, the ability to create document templates in several formats by using a rich syntax is simple and clear to understand.
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Genesis Abel
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Choosing the right document generation software doesn’t have to be as confusing as many first-time users find it. With this quick guide, you can easily evaluate a product based on its features and how it can be applied within your business. Document Automation Vs Document Generation Understandi...
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Document Generation Tools Topics

What is a document generation tool?

A document generation tool is a software solution that has all of the business documents readily available via templates or code. These documents can be tailored to reflect the company logo and brand. These templates can contain a basic bill of sale or receipt format to use as needed. Additionally, a document generation tool will also have available content templates such as professionally written responses to resumes received, customer complaints, policy changes, and thank you letters, just to name a few. A value-added document generation tool will have every possible business scenario covered. This saves time and money and ensures the highest level of professionalism and consistency is maintained at all times. It will also help protect the company against any inappropriate messaging being accidentally released.

How are documents created?

As so much of the work is already done for you by the document generation tool, creating the document is very easy. There are some simple changes you may need to make, such as page size (US letter, A4 or legal, etc.), font, and header. Once you select the document template you want to use, the sections of the document that you need to change will be clearly labeled to ensure all information in the dynamic content portion has been successfully updated. This will be made even easier as your document generation tool will have a process to auto-fill all dynamic information required into your document. Depending on the document you are using, you will also be able to merge information from JSON, XML, and SQL data. You can use the same process to automate reports to merge or integrate into your document. The document generation tool should also be able to create documents in all the relevant formats (PDF, DOCX, XML) to make them easily and readily available to everyone that needs to use them

What is dynamic document generation?

Dynamic document or content is the part of a document that changes specific to the client, recipient, or audience. A dynamic document will contain personalized information relative to either a specific group of people (all clients in one regional locale) or even an individual (for example, an invoice or statement for one specific client). Companies send thousands of letters that may have the same basic information but need to change or add information based on the location, region, event or a specific client. A dynamic document will 1) be customized to meet the specific informational needs of the group or individual the message is going to, 2) insert the personal or relative data while consistently maintaining company brand and standards, and 3) ensure regulatory compliance guidelines are met as needed.

What are the standard steps in creating a document?
  • Choose template - Select the content template for the document you need to use for your specific purpose.
  • Choose your audience - Select the group or region for whom the information is being created.
  • Auto-fill dynamic content - You will be able to populate a list of the groups or individuals that information was created for and insert the dynamic content where necessary with a few clicks.
  • Mail - You can either print and mail your document physically or electronically.
Document Generation Tools Features

Features of document generation tools include:

  • Auto-formatting/multi formatting - You can easily edit any document to change the font, size, or document format (PDF, Docx, CSV) and it will not affect the integrity of the document. This is an important feature, as many clients have specific preferences on the type of document format they use. Make sure to choose a solution that offers many different formatting options.
  • Easy integration - You can merge documents from many different applications, such as JSON and XML, and also integrate with other applications you regularly use. This makes the data routing easier and faster and helps get to a finished product with greater confidence and assurance that things have been completed correctly.
  • Dynamic content - Being able to merge dynamic content to customize your document is one of the important key features of a document generation tool. You want the tool to allow you to capture the correct data and merge that data into your document to individualize the message as needed to get the necessary information to the appropriate audience. You should be able to define the specific protocols that will define the exact data you want to capture to make your message complete.
  • Compliance and security - The best solutions will provide options to select security and compliance protocols on an as-needed or even per-document basis. You want to be sure your chosen solution only uses secure connections with SSL and reliable, trustworthy firewalls. If you are in the healthcare industry, you will also want to look for HIPAA compliance to ensure document and information integrity is a priority.
Document Generation Tools Benefits

The benefits of using a document generation tool include:

  • Saves time - Every letter for every scenario has already been written and every form and table has already been created and is ready for you to use in minutes. There is no more need to spend time creating or drafting letters or creating tables, forms, or documents.
  • Saves money - You can process hundreds, if not thousands of proof-ready documents instantly. As consistency, professionalism, and any legal or compliance concern has already been addressed, all liability has been kept to a minimum.
  • Ensures consistency - Consistent professional documentation will be used for every scenario, sent in a timely manner to all relevant parties, every single time.