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Top 6 All-Flash Arrays for 2022

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You can read user reviews for the top six all-flash arrays here, to help you decide which solution is best for you.

In the review excerpts below, our users rank these enterprise storage solutions according to their valuable features and have also discussed where they see room for improvement.

#1 Pure Storage FlashArray

Pure Storage FlashArray ranked as the #1 ranked solution in All-Flash Storage Arrays for 2021. PeerSpot users give Pure Storage FlashArray an average rating of 10 out of 10. 

One PeerSpot user, Jason D., Cloud Solutions Architect at a tech services company, mentioned "We've had different types of storage, and three things of this solution are valuable. The first one is its outstanding performance. The second one is its stability. In the about three years that we've had it, we've had component failures, but we never had a service interruption or any data loss. The third one, which is really critical, is that it is super easy to use in terms of provisioning, storage, and managing the arrays. I'm able to maintain a multi-site environment with a couple of dozen arrays with a single mid-level storage admin.”

A storage solutions architect at a manufacturing company notes that "Processes that used to take 40 minutes to two hours can be completed in five minutes” with Pure Storage FlashArray.

Another PeerSpot user, Prabakaran K., Technical Consultant at Injazat Data Systems, explains "FlashArray has many valuable features. It's very user-friendly and it has high availability, so there is comparatively less downtime. During maintenance, there is no shutdown procedure, so you can directly power off the Array and manage the shutdown process without any data loss, which is a unique feature. Managing replication and data migration is also very easy.”

#2 HPE 3PAR Flash Storage

HPE 3PAR Flash Storage is ranked as the number one solution in all-flash arrays by our users during Q1 2017.

A San Consultant at a tech services company describes the success of the HPE 3PAR Flash Storage as a solution that “has greatly assisted data performance as far as a VM-ware environment goes.” He was glad that “data performance is much faster.” 

Sisir G., Deputy Manager at CESC Ventures shares that “Its stability is the most valuable. It has soft alerts. When an alert is raised, we get a call from HP saying that there is this type of alert, and they need to do a remote session to check things. Similarly, for firmware updates, they get in touch to say that a firmware upgrade is required on your storage. They schedule a time and take control remotely to upgrade the firmware. In all such cases, there is no downtime. Everything is done when a full-fledged operation is going on. Its user interface is also quite good. We are quite accustomed to this user interface. We can easily take a look at the current usage or the amount of storage. It is quite easily understandable, and I can present those things to my seniors or other people who are not that tech-savvy, and they can easily understand what we are trying to tell them. We can easily show them that we are using around 87% of the storage, so we need to plan for another tree and things like that."

#3 Dell EMC PowerMax NVMe

Dell EMC PowerMax NVMe is the #3 ranked solution in best All-Flash Storage Arrays.

Paul C., Senior Solution Architect at Rackspace, writes “There is no management overhead involved in optimizing performance. It does it so well on its own. We don't have to manage much at all. It really is like a set it and forget it solution. My storage engineers love the system. It is a lot less work than our previous systems, which weren't bad by any means. There is not nearly as much management as before. So, we are saving dozens of hours per month for our storage team, and that is a real cost in our business.” 

Another user, Oluwatosin O., Enterprise Architect at a financial services firm, comments “We find the service level option to provision storage very valuable. The ability to define different service levels for storage groups helps us in prioritizing our workload at the infrastructure level.”

#4 HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble Storage is ranked as the number 4 solution in all-flash arrays

A Systems Engineer at a tech services company says the support is good, the product scales well, and “the deduplication and compression capabilities are powerful.”

Ricardo B., HPE Technical Support Manager at Servicios, likes the features of HPE Nimble Storage, stating that "The fact that you can manage the requirements is one the most valuable features of HPE Nimble Storage. The other is the rapid deployment time.” 

#5 Dell EMC Unity XT

PeerSpot users rank Dell EMC Unity XT as the number 5 all-flash array solution.

Luiz G., Owner at LNETWORK, shares that “The feature that I have found most valuable is the unified storage and its capabilities for block-access, file access, and the center box.”

Other users mention that the initial setup is easy, the solution is quite stable, and François B., Responsable de Production at Office National des Forets, even says “Integration is easy with this product.”

#6 IBM FlashSystem

IBM FlashSystem is ranked as the number 6 all-flash array.

Ahmed Z., Infrastructure Architect Supervisor and Solution Delivery Supervisor at a financial services firm has only good things to say about the IBM FlashSystem solution: "Most of the features for the reduction in data compression are useful. It is also very easy to use and administer. Its performance is also good.”

Moahmed N.’s, Infrastructure Solutions Architect at areebah opinion is that "One of the most valuable features is that it's very easy to use and configure. It used to be more difficult, but now it's almost flawless.”

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