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$U upgrade on 110 AIX servers

it_user505632 - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Consultant at Capgemini Consulting
1 people affected
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4 month project

Project Description

$U upgrade on 110 AIX servers. $U was upgraded from 6.3.01 to 6.3.41

This project was planned due to technical improvements in the tool and minimize incidents that can cause service disruption.

Client Overview  - One of the world’s leading Oil & Gas giant in French region and across the world.

Business Requirements - 

•Upgrade on critical 110 AIX servers

•No business impact during or after upgrade

•Better use of advanced features of the tool

•Reduction in frequent issues and incidents

Challenges - 

•Upgrade without any incident or business impact as critical applications were impacted

•No separate downtime hence had to carry out upgrade strictly during  weekly maintenance slot

•No prior experience for such upgrade

Approach - 

•Understanding the  requirements of the Customer

•Impact analysis for upgrade and consolidation

•Test upgrade conducted on sandbox system and validated by customer

•Created Upgrade planning as per weekly maintenance slots keeping critical applications and servers in mind

•Rollback plan in place in case upgrade is KO

•Upgrading the servers as per the planning

•Monitoring servers/batches after upgrade for 1 week so that there is no business impact

Customer Benefits and Key differentiation - 

•Reduction in incidents because of frequent crashes in $U processes

•Better features  as well as purge and maintenance releases available in new feature

•Highly stable environment which result in less no of service interruptions

•Developed L3 capabilities within team which will in turn benefit customer to handle operations and future projects

Lessons Learned

Documentation has to be prepared at every step so that it is easy to manage such projects in future


Under budget
Received recognition / award
Support from colleagues


Management had to be convinced
Steep learning curve
Large no. of people impacted

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