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About me

• BMC Accredited Administrator: BMC Control-M Workload Automation 8.0
• BMC Control-M Expert (version 6.4 and 7.0)
• ORSYP Dollar Universe Expert 6.0
• 10+ Years of experience in Batch Scheduling and administration, Unix Scripting, Production Support in various domains
• Experience in handling 3 onsite assignments with client in Europe.
• Installing Control-M/ Server and associated fix packs and establish communication with Control-M/ EM using the Control-M Configuration Manager user interface
• Installing, configuring, and administering agent platforms, including Control Modules (emphasis on AFT Control Module) and installing multiple agents on one machine
• Performing Control-M/ EM and Control-M/ Server database maintenance
• Performing Control-M/ EM, Control-M/ Server, and Control-M/Agent troubleshooting
• Implementing Control-M/ Server database mirroring and failover
• Implementing agent-less platforms for job execution
• Implementing and configuring Control-M/ Forecast, Reporting Facility and BMC Batch Impact Manager
• Use various Control-M/ EM utilities and Control-M/Server utilities to administer the products
• Implementing Control-M/ EM security by defining users and groups, and using configuration options
• Implementing workload management and load balancing through node groups
• Batch scheduling, automation of business processes, deployment and recovery
• Experience in working on Univiewer version 6.3 and Dollar Universe versions 6.3
• Job scheduling, Adding/modifying/updating of jobs on Dollar Universe
• Dollar Universe tool administration and customization
• Installation, Configuration, product patch installation of Dollar Universe on servers
• User access management, Log management, maintenance, reporting for Dollar Universe
• Debugging and Fixing of Dollar Universe job failures

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments

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