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Windows 10 - what are your main concerns about upgrading?

If you haven't yet upgraded, what are your main concerns and considerations? What timeframe are you looking at for a full implementation?

If you've already taken the plunge, was the experience smooth or problematic? Why?

Microsoft claims 1.5m enterprise customers have already upgraded. I would bet there’s lots of messy stuff going on. Please share with the community so we can all learn from your experiences!

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We haven't upgraded yet and are still doing testing of the Enterprise version. So far, we haven't uncovered anything we can't handle. I do prefer the way MSFT is doing updates now. From a UE perspective, I do not see moving to Win10 from Win7 to be a negative for my users. Most are already using it on their personal devices. Personally I am running the Win10E on my production laptop and from my perspective I have not had any issues.

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So far, I have only upgraded consumer grade products to Windows 10 from different base OS versions. Each went flawlessly and worked well post-upgrade. As for the corporate environment that I manage, we have several medical imaging modalities and the vendors have already informed us that their software does not work under Windows 10 so we have to hold off on those machines. As for the remaining workstations that currently run Windows 7, we are in the midst of testing compatibility with our EMR software, imaging scanners, printer drivers, etc. That testing has not been completed so I don't have anything more to offer at this time in that regard.

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I started very late in the preview program and i must admit much of the software worked and i very much liked it. However recently I have noticed that the Graphic driver from Intel is very unstable and keeps Windows crashing. Intel does not seems to be doing anything to fix the issue or if they are either they are not communicating well or simply there is a lack of urgency. In terms of the OS it is above all expectation, MS done very good work and the system runs very stable. There are things they need to sort out but that will happen over time. I installed the system from scratch so have not noticed any issues so far beside the graphic driver.

I am running windows on Zotact 750 with 16Gig RAM and 500 Gig SSD. It has the Intel 5200 pro iris graphic card built in which causes all these problem.

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As far as my home experiences go I think MS took a page from the Canonical handbook and really nailed it with in place upgrades to 10. I've never felt confident that an in place upgrade with any MS operating system was a good idea.

I've personally completed 6 upgrades in 1 weekend. All different makes/models, PC/Laptop, Win 7 & Win 8.1 base. All without a single roll back. I did hear of some issues with Surface Pro's running a flavor of VPN requiring an complete uninstall before upgrading... But even that I heard was no longer the case after 2 weeks or so.

Of course with every upgrade you've got to do your research & test, test, test. The rollback from what I observed from a friend and online research is rather clean.

Honestly though with 95% + market share for PC operating systems you got to fall in line on this one and get your free upgrades. Just hold off a few months if you're still concerned about rollout issues.

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I found upgrading from an existing 8.1 pretty painless. There are some caveats.

For example:

1. I use a Microsoft Loopback Adapter for emulating real networks using GNS3. That was gone. I had to re-create it.

2. Some programs I had to install...didn't migrate over.

But I can say all my files (including the missing installed programs) had their old folders in place after the upgrade.

It also took about an hour and a half.

Otherwise, when I had an issue with a particular application, I used the 'backward compatibility to Windows 8' to ensure it will run.

Other than that, that's it.

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I have upgraded my company laptop which was on Windows 8.1 without an issue. There was one software program I had to remove due to incompatibility but it is compatible now. We have all our office on Windows 7 and it will take a bit to move to Windows 10 due to complexities with some of the custom applications used at our firm. I have not had any issues and prefer Windows 10 to previous OSes. If you have the chance to evaluate it you will like it. Hopefully our upgrade plan will be once the next Windows Server version comes out.

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I have upgraded a few PCs and so far they work as expected. Some of the oddball graphics cards that I have had for many years aren't supported, and I do have one aging Dell that has a CPU from the wood-burning era that wouldn't even let Windows 10 install on it -- but then it would allow CentOS to install either, so there. For the most part, my experience has been positive. My bottom line: if you have a Win 7 or 8 machine that isn't performing correctly, move it up to 10. If you are happy with what you have got, leave them there.

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