Why do organizations need CASB?

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Mar 21, 2022

Organizations need CASB for many reasons.

Protection against malware and phishing:
A CASB allows system administrators to easily identify risks within your cloud environment from threat vectors like malware and phishing. If you have a CASB in place, you will be able to quarantine and/or delete those risks fairly quickly - either automatically or manually, depending on your custom system configurations.

Improved account management and added security:
Having a CASB will also make sure user accounts are protected, from both internal and external threats. In addition, if you want to improve account management and security, a CASB will help you accomplish that.

Faster detection:
With a CASB, your organization can detect different types of malicious or suspicious activity and alert the proper administrators immediately if needed. A reliable CASB will enable you to set up rules and policies that will lock down an account automatically if risky activities and behaviors are detected.

Ensure compliance standards:
Compliance standards are meant to ensure the safety of personal and corporate data, and ignoring these concerns can lead to dangerous and costly breaches. A CASB can help ensure compliance in the cloud and safeguard your company against costly data breaches by maintaining the data regulations set by your industry.

Avoid potential data breaches:
Your company needs a CASB if you want to prevent its data from being compromised. Data security is extremely important for companies, especially with data theft being a huge concern. Implementing a CASB will protect your organization from data breaches that can cause irreparable damages. What’s worse is, if you don’t use a CASB, you may end up dealing with identity theft and ransom threats, putting your organization at a huge risk. A CASB will make it easier for system administrators to secure sensitive information in order to prevent potential breaches.

If your organization is a large one, you may have several employees accessing many applications in many different cloud environments. When cloud usage is outside the view of IT, enterprise data is no longer bound by the company’s governance, risk, or compliance policies. Having a CASB will safeguard users and protect confidential data as well as intellectual property. You need a CASB solution if you want comprehensive visibility into cloud app usage, including user information such as device and location information. In addition, because a CASB provides high visibility, it allows enterprise security professionals to decide whether or not they should continue to allow access to an app or completely block it.

More reliable than a firewall:
Most CASB solutions have alert and alarm features that will start to go off when a criminal gets past your firewall perimeter and gains access to your cloud environment. If you want to prevent data being stolen, a CASB can perform a variety of tasks automatically to make sure your data remains secure. It can lock down a user account and revoke viewing and sharing access to certain types of documents. Further, IT security managers get critical insights into exactly how the cyber attacker was able to gain access to the environment, what files and folders were compromised, and more.

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Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
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Mar 17, 2022

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) are a security application that helps organizations manage and protect the data stored in the cloud.

Benefits of a CASB:
Many companies can benefit from a CASB auto-discovery feature that will automatically report upon all applications used and high-risk users or applications. With the proliferation of devices and even shadow IT, businesses need a way to monitor the way that their data gets used and who uses it.

Companies can use a CASB to enforce security regulations, like device protocols and encryption. This way, businesses can be certain that they conform to their own security policies and government regulations.

Carlos Alves - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 6, 2022

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It finds and eliminates harmful applications, malicious users, malicious links and faces damage to the entire cloud system. In addition, It helps keep the IT sector of the company aware of possible cyber attacks.


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Encontra e elimina aplicativos prejudiciais, usuários mal intencionados, links maliciosos e faz varreduras em todo o sistema na nuvem, além de manter o setor de TI da empresa ciente de possíveis ataques cibernéticos.

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Mar 31, 2022

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