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Which would you recommend - Azure Firewall or Check Point NGFW?


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Oct 24, 2021

Azure Firewall is easy to use and provides excellent support. Valuable features include integration into the overall cloud platform, autoscaling, and the ability for users to create virtual IP addresses. The cost of the solution is also competitive.

Check Point NGFW solution offers zero-day protection and provides absolute in-depth visibility with a multi-layer, multi-blade approach. This solution has a Smart Controller that allows you to manage all firewalls from one single location. It also has good antivirus protection and knowledgeable, responsive support. Check Point NGFW is cost-effective and provides valuable support to get through required compliance audits.

For Azure Firewall you have to specify each IP address used. We also found Azure to be challenging to implement from region to region, as it does not currently offer a universal approach across regions. Support can be very slow to respond and has caused us some downtime, affecting productivity and overall satisfaction.

Check Point NGFW VPN can be very complex to set up. The deployment can be more challenging than many other solutions on the market. Although once fully deployed, things do get easier. Debugging can also be very difficult and makes it seem less stable than other solutions out there. Training and support could be better overall.


Azure is great, especially since almost everyone is part of the Azure ecosystem. However, it may not be the best solution for larger enterprises, as stability is limited, and the scale-up scale-out approach needs improvement.

Check Point can be very challenging to set up and deploy, but the unique multi-layer, multi-blade approach gives greater flexibility and transparency, which makes it a great option for larger enterprises with more complex, intricate needs.

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Feb 3, 2022

Check Point firewall does a deep inspection of packets till Layer 7 and is more compatible with the organizational environment. 

The Azure firewall is also a cloud-based security solution that also provides Advance Threat Protection. 

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Feb 3, 2022

@Evgeny Belenky I recommended the Check Point Firewall which is a Next Generation Firewall. 

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Marcello Gentile - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of Technology and IT Infrastructure at ADS Inc.
Mar 2, 2023
Hello community,  I am the Director of Technology and IT Infrastructure at a medium-sized infrastructure company. I am currently researching firewalls. What are the major differences between Fortinet FortiGate and Check Point NGFW? Which solution do you prefer? Thank you.
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Feb 28, 2023
Hello Marcello,There are a lot of major differences between Check Point and FortiGate as per the below points: * Check Point has a very rich logging system compared with FortiGate.  * Check Point is better than FortiGate when it comes to failover from a downtime perspective. * FortiGate is more user-friendly than Check Point or you can say it's easy to administrate and configure. * FortiGate has easy steps to configure IPSec VPN when you compare it with Check Point. * Of course FortiGate is cheaper than Check Point. * FortiGate has a lot of system upgrades to cover all vulnerable compared with Check Point.
Business Owner at Anyshape
Mar 1, 2023
Both of them are VERY overrated, FortiGate has too many vulnerabilities... Check Point wants to control you instead of you it... I steer clear of either of them... Arista NGFW is a better bang for the buck and easier to use...
Yunus Yavuz - PeerSpot reviewer
Product Manager at Neteks
Nov 10, 2022
Hi peers,  I am a Product Manager at a small computer networking company. At the moment, I am researching Check Point's products. Is Check Point's software compatible with other products (including firewall products, servers, and more)? If so, which products? Are there products that are not compatible with Check Point's software? In addition, can you provide any specific documentation that ...
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Larry Chisholm - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Engineer at Solvonex
Nov 10, 2022
Checkpoint is an INCREDIBLY secure, but inherently frustrating platform to manage.    The gui/cli must often be used together to effect the changes you're looking for.   Don't get me started on the gaia hardware management interface.    If you must buy it, ensure that you get support.     Personally, I'll take Fortinet, Palo Alto or even Juniper SRX over anything checkpoint.
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