How does Azure Firewall compare with Palo Alto Networks VM Series?

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Oct 3, 2021

Both products are very stable and easily scalable.

The setup of Azure Firewall is easy and very user-friendly and the overall cost is reasonable. Azure Firewall offers a solid threat awareness, can easily identify threat risks, and gives users the ability to set filters to deny traffic from problematic malicious domains or IP addresses. Azure Firewall allows for the creation of virtual IP addresses, which makes it very attractive.

Palo Alto VM Series can launch very quickly and makes it easy to move firewalls when needed. It offers great incoming and outgoing traffic control, which gives greater awareness with regard to threat and malware protection.

Azure Firewall can be challenging when implementing across various regions and this solution could also be more customizable. Although it offers some great filtering options, it lacks some of the advanced features that some other solutions provide.

Palo Alto VM Series can be a very complex solution to use and could be simplified. The VM series does not integrate that well with other solutions. It also does not have a cloud-based solution that offers a secure gateway, which can be problematic for many enterprises. The reporting processes need to be improved. We found that it lacks what many other solutions are offering.


Both the Azure Firewall and Palo Alto VM Series provide very secure options with regard to traffic control and threat awareness. As with many solutions, each of these has different capabilities that meet the varying needs of today’s complex and challenging business environments. While Azure Firewall offers ease of use and control overall, the Palo Alto VM series provides different options for more complex business situations. Choosing the best firewall solution for your enterprise really depends on the type of traffic, situation, and business.

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