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When evaluating Business Process Design, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

Ariel Lindenfeld - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of Content at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

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SteveBarnes - PeerSpot reviewer
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Assuming the business has a decent strategy, including customer engagement and customer experience, I think demonstrating the design of the price fulfills strategic intent and is the most important. 

That can mean management intent around Product Leadership, Customer Intimacy or Efficiency is fulfilled, asking the CX to support it.

Mark McGregor - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

If you are evaluating business processes and how well they are designed then in the first instance the question is whether the process delivers the required or expected outcome on a consistent basis, secondly ask the question of whether the process has been simplified to the point where it does everything it needs to but no more. This second point must also be balanced with the cost of running the process, it maybe that the cost to completely simplify may be more than the value gained. Also consider whether the process delivers the results in a timely manner. Cycle time does not always have to be low, think more about just in time. (sometimes over designing a single process just moves a bottleneck along to another process, so optimise based on an end basis. there are other factors, but the last point I would make here is to remember that a process involving manual and automated activities requires different design to the processes/procedures you are creating for automation. Often people confuse the visual programming they do for automation with business process design, rarely are they the same thing.

Alvaro Correia Junior - PeerSpot reviewer

I think that the most important aspect of a BPD is to be realistic and living. The methodologies and tools you apply to build it should enable instant and inteligible access to it to people who really operate the processes and feedback from those and from who consume the results. A process design that is only a dream way of working but not feasible now leads to frustration, and a process design that is known only by specialists is worthless. It should understand what you have and start from there challenging it towards its best.

Björn Podlaha - PeerSpot reviewer
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Another important aspect is User Experience (UX). UX is often misunderstood as having a fancy user interface - which can be part of UX, but is by far not all! Designing good processes must put the end-user in focus. It does not help to slim process which will be refused by the end user.

EXAMPLE: I received an email by a logistic company to support contactless delivery due to Covid-19. Therefore I need to give the company a "Drop-Off Permission". Although I received an email which led me to the website for signing the permission, it was asked to PRINT out this permission and sign it and hand it over to the employee or send it to the company. This may be the CORRECT process, however it is definitely not user friendly. The company must ask themselves if the signature is really necessary or if there are other way to get the desired result.

Björn Podlaha - PeerSpot reviewer
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It depends on your goals! What is the underlying purpose of BPD in your company? I worked in companies that spent man-years on painting process wallpapers, however these wallpapers were already outdated when pinned to the walls. And nobody really cared about them or derived measures to improve them.

Thus I strongly recommend to think on your BPD purpose:
* Is it only documenting processes --> for handbooks or tutorials?
* Is it the base for improving processes?
* Is it necessary for some BPM software that executes these process modells?
* Will these process models be needed for KPIs?

Tomas Sykora - PeerSpot reviewer
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If you mean automatic processes and not processes in general, a knowledgeable external consultant is essential. External, therefore, you will see things that internal employees are unaware of. They are operationally blind to them. Knowledge must be both commercial and technical to be able to suggest:
(1) processes (or part of them) for automation;
2) data strategy
3) "how-to" strategy (application integration, system integration, workflow automation or RPA) and if you will use some tool or custom coding.
4) Set up process analytics (KPI incl. ROI) and define the process for business process re-engineering.
It is not easy because there are very few such consultants. They often occur in large consulting companies, where their knowledge feeds entire teams and is a costly expertise.

JamesXie - PeerSpot reviewer
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Ease of use, less coding, graphic UI with drag & drop, Rest API, simulation & report.

reviewer932778 - PeerSpot reviewer

ease of use

Tomas H - PeerSpot reviewer

Ease of use means ease of adoption. Ability to show ROI of 5x

it_user822249 - PeerSpot reviewer

For my opinion most important is the final result of the proccess. We should create the proccess and think how to achieve the result in the shortest way!

it_user758946 - PeerSpot reviewer

Ee ...avoide my usual way of thinking: I am payed for being bright!

it_user752379 - PeerSpot reviewer

The physical location of process participants in relation to each other...

NeerajRana - PeerSpot reviewer
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Evaluating Business Process Design from ARIS perspective would mean the kind of analysis results the tool can provide in terms of report, macros or even using FIND functionality.
Hence ARIS is called Business Process Analysis (BPA) tool rather than Business Process Modeling. The tool strictly governs the modeling methodology based on its meta model. And if followed, this can make life so much easier for the analysis based on the objective of modeling.
Need to keep in mind that, ARIS as a tool will not do any magic calculations/manipulation of the data captured in the repository but can only present it in different ways depending upon the need.
Ofcourse, with custom ARIS scripts the report etc. can be customized to present the data in a more meaningful way and easy to consume depending upon the audience needs.
Models created in ARIS are not just pictures but have relationship and meaning the way it is stored/structured in the RDBMS. This is what eventually makes the analysis so easy and ARIS as tool so powerful for analysis.

it_user346071 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I f there is already templates of the shelf related to industry strandards

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