When evaluating a Platform as a Service (PaaS), what aspects do you think are the most important to look out for?

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Nabin Poudel - PeerSpot reviewer
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Apr 2, 2022

A free trial (without a credit card or a phone call) and clear pricing details are the important aspects that I look for while purchasing PaaS solutions.

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Aug 8, 2018

One of the considerations is security controls of Company specific information flowing in and out with the Platform being in the cloud and how is the consistency and reliability and bandwidth of the network traffic for heavy peaks usage.

Aug 7, 2018

With our organization trending towards a Micro Services based Architecture we look at ease of integration with on premise capabilities as well as the provider footprint.

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Aug 6, 2018

I can see that our fellows raised important aspects... So I would like to issue another:
Your organizational control over application.
Once you are putting your data in a SaaS, mostly, you are not in charge any more...
- If you want to take your data away, it's a problem.
- If you don't agree to a price raise, what are your options?
- If an platform (SaaS) upgrade will force you to invest in compatibility in their time table - you are forced.

So, the issue I'm raising is portability between providers.
One possible way of implementing portability, is that the SaaS provider will not own the other layers (IaaS, PaaS)

it_user872814 - PeerSpot reviewer
May 18, 2018

1) What happens to the data? I am responsible for the data of our customers!
2) How can I do the necessary IT Service Management? We've put a lot of Governance in the Operations of our IT-Services. This is part of the value of those services and one of the reasons why our customers trust ust.

it_user456720 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 6, 2016

I think it is important to evaluate how easy/difficult it is to migrate from whatever current system you are using (PaaS or not) and the target PaaS. It is also important to look at how easy/difficult it is to divorce your users/systems from the target PaaS should your Company purchase a different platform in the future.

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it_user161238 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 6, 2014

Security, security, security. As Peter Loudon mention further above, the ease of integration does not matter to me, our Dev teams can virtually integrate everything with anything.
Control over our data is at place 2 and scalability ranks on 3rd place!

it_user156258 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Oct 13, 2014

More than either SaaS or IaaS, PaaS systems vary in the level of abstraction they provide their consumers. There are lower-level PaaS systems, like Elastic Beanstalk, and higher-level PaaS systems, like Heroku. There are trades off between efficiency, on one hand, and control, on the other. You need to find the most efficient system that still allows you enough control to do what your app needs to do. The other consideration is whether or not the PaaS system provides the services your app needs. Do you need message queueing, log aggregation, traffic analytics, etc.? It's good if there are multiple providers of the services you need in the ecosystem of the PaaS you intend to use.

it_user136914 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 27, 2014

In the wake of NSA revelations, security has become the number 1 issue.

Prior to that (and now second to security) is the degree to which it will integrate seamlessly with the rest of the enterprise platform, the speed and resilience of internetworking (in Africa this is huge), and the extent to which the platform is redundant, backed up and under my control for configuration purposes.

Aug 7, 2018

TCO and ROI is always the only thing whenever you need an IT service and also sustainability as well.

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Aug 6, 2018

The benefits that this service offers; to be able to upload and send files from the cloud without the complexity of accessing users.

it_user326994 - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 12, 2015

The maturity of the API stack is important. The need for an API stack that takes into account private/hybrid cloud implementations is important (enterprise perspective).

it_user307119 - PeerSpot reviewer
Sep 7, 2015

Security, the potential for vendor lock-in, fit with IAAS infrastructure.

it_user298158 - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 25, 2015

security with an intuitive interface

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Dec 11, 2014

Support for multiple programing languages and frameworks, scalability and no lock in.

it_user156945 - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 17, 2014

Availability of an easy to use Web interface to monitor and control the PaaS that should be able to run a Java WAR that runs locally without any change or constraint.

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