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3 months ago
Hi, For such a challenge I would choose: 1. Appgyver as the front-end (SAP free low-code front-end focused). 2. FireBase as BaaS (backend as a service) which has a free tier, GCP (which gives you worldwide presence and support), scalability, rich backend functionality…
6 months ago
Low Code is a big trend and it has still a long way to go. There are backend low code tools, front end low code tools, BPM low code tools, IDE's which can be categorized as low code tools, API low code tools and "full-stack" low code tools. The use cases mostly depend on…
Over 1 year ago
All the reasons seem correct although I would like to suggest one major technical reason: BPM is a middleware therefore its' success derives from connecting easily to all relevant organizational software components.  Given that in a normal, Agile, growing, and bubbly…
Over 2 years ago
Contributed a review of Microsoft Power Apps: Full solution that can do almost anything
Over 3 years ago
1. The ability to integrate easily to vast number of common solution (or a pre build API's). 2. The "Time to Market " of each new process (implying that Low Code BPM is an important advantage) 3. Performance. 4. Monitoring, Alerts and reporting capabilities. 5. Location…
About 4 years ago
I can see that our fellows raised important aspects... So I would like to issue another: Your organizational control over application. Once you are putting your data in a SaaS, mostly, you are not in charge any more... - If you want to take your data away, it's a…