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What needs improvement with WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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This isn't very popular in China. It doesn't offer the best protection and it's incompatible with a lot of China's websites. It makes a lot of mistakes when it is detecting items as it's not recognizing items correctly. It has the functional WebBlocker and the server is not local. Sometimes the performance is bad we'll get pop-ups saying "the server is not available". I'm not sure if users outside of China have such an issue, or if it's just due to the fact that we have a unique web experience in the country. The solution just doesn't fit well here. The performance could be a bit better.

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The solution isn't what I would consider feature-rich. Due to the fact that the high volume of traffic that is currently encrypted, I find that the antivirus is less effective every year. That's not just WatchGuard, however. It's the biggest area in need of improvement right now is as a whole in the industry. It has the same weaknesses other firewalls have, and that's its inability to dissect encrypted traffic. It is capable of doing it, however, it requires some specialty configuration that often interferes with Azure, Amazon cloud services, or things of that nature. It would be useful if we could be able to get a report as to why the solution is doing one action but stopping another. You can configure it as part of the firewall to decrypt that traffic, effectively making it a middle man, however, in doing so, you often disrupt Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. The capability is there. It is just not considered a recommended best practice. While the ability to determine threats in non-encrypted traffic is a good part of a solution, it is not an adequate standalone. It does not have an endpoint component. The feature I'm most interested in is additional endpoint protection, however, they recently purchased Panda. That would go in line with the EDR product. As a managed service provider, I'm always looking to simplify and clean my stack, so I can provide my customers with the best possible service with the least complexity. It's nice to know that they're actively working towards that already. Also, I should note that most of the features I want are currently already in beta.

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I would recommend the solution. It's a good and stable product. Nothing is too difficult.

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