What needs improvement with DataCore SANsymphony SDS?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with DataCore SANsymphony SDS.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

Julia Miller - PeerSpot reviewer
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Systems and Network Engineer at a computer software company with 1-10 employees
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Nov 5, 2022

It's difficult to say if something is missing in this solution. Maybe we'd like to manage the raid on the disk directly in SanSymphony. We essentially use RAID5 for our SAS disk and SSD, and now we need to create this RAID on the raid card. If we could bypass this card, we could really manage all the storage from the solution, which would be ideal. The graphical interface needs to be improved. We have noticed some bugs in it. A vCenter integration just appeared in the last version. However, we have only some functions within it. I am confident that many new things will arrive in the next few months to make it more robust.

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IT Consultant at Power Source Sdn Bhd
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Jun 14, 2022

If it could integrate to a cloud gateway, then we could carry it directly to storage, instead of having middleware in between the storage and the cloud. It's a very expensive solution, and the licensing costs should be lower.

Chief Technical Officer at INTEGRA SYSTEMS
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Apr 5, 2022

The graphical interface is not always very stable. In a dense infrastructure with many volumes and disks, slowness and GUI crashes can be observed. The current graphical interface is ported to a web interface and not all features are available yet. The compression and deduplication features are not functional for a production environment. This feature is probably the only one missing compared to other SAN manufacturers. It is under development, however, it is not yet reliable enough for use in a critical environment.

Sales Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
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Feb 22, 2022

One limitation of this solution is that it's Windows-based, e.g. one requirement to install DataCore SANsymphony SDS is putting it on a Windows server machine. It relies on Windows and that is a limitation because we have some customers who are looking for non Windows systems. What we'd like to see in the future is for this software to support more operating systems.

General Manager at Datatek
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Jan 4, 2022

The so-called hyperconverged infrastructure edition, sometimes knows as vSan, should be addressed. It is one component of the solution. Yet, DataCore is less competitive than certain other manufacturers, such as EMC, Cisco, and VMware vSan. It is competitive when it comes to a general purpose software defined storage solution. As such, a hyperconverged infrastructure solution could be improved. The solution could be better packaged and marketed. When it comes to a simple 2 node cluster business continuity solution for SMB companies, the downtime can be expensive.

Sales Manager at TCX
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Dec 24, 2021

SANsymphony is missing some features that vSAN has. For example, vSAN has a special feature called continuous data protection. It provides the ability to go back in time to a given moment. You can see what was on your disk in the past up to two weeks. That's a great feature because ransomware attacks are increasingly common, and that provides you some kind of protection.

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Raphaël Julmy - PeerSpot reviewer
Architecte Infrastructures at IT-Med
Real User
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Sep 21, 2021

We would like to see a real "sexy" storage dashboard with capacity, usage, performance, and error tracking. The cloud reporting interface is quite poor compared to other vendors. We are far from an HPE Infosight, for example. Using a classic storage array constructor allows clients to have a single point of contact in case of an issue. With DataCore, we have to deal with them for the software part and with the hardware vendor for the hardware part. Sometimes, in a complex environment, we have to deal with storage array vendors, servers vendors, and software vendors and that can be exhausting.

Systems and networks engineer at EOS Informatique
Aug 11, 2021

Datacore is developing a new WebUI with new dashboards. It is a good idea as the classic GUI is lacking dashboards. We need a better view to analyze the auto-tiering feature (like in DIS) to easier decide what type of storage we need to add. The current view in the GUI is too simple and we cannot see clearly cold data or hot data. You can report all you want. There are a lot of counters usable in the console. However, there are too many. They need to create some pre-defined graphs or reports.

IT Service Manager at EKIUM
Real User
Jun 21, 2020

I would like to see reporting added, such as a monthly connectivity report. Things like performance and usage can be shown. It would be helpful to have better monitoring tools.

Senior IT Consultant / Architect at Mightycare Solutions GmbH
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Apr 3, 2020

I miss dedupe and decompression.

Real User
Jul 27, 2019

We are waiting for container support (on the roadmap), as well as a user-friendly full web-administration capability, and an improved API. Supporting newer Windows Server versions faster (e.g. Microsoft Windows Server 2019) would be nice.

Technical Services Manager (Enterprise Systems) at Maimonides Medical Center
Real User
May 24, 2019

DataCore needs a more efficient and better way to keep track of metrics and counters so that we can do baseline analysis to measure performance. Datacore has some functionality where you can send performance metrics to a SQL database however it has not always worked well for us. We actually had to turn it off because we were actually collecting too much data, but in my opinion we sometimes want this data. Ideally if there was a way to see metrics for current and specific points in time it would be great for troubleshooting and any type of trend analysis.

Real User
May 7, 2019

The cost is becoming prohibitive since they moved to a subscription model. 'Education' pricing is such in name only (we are a school). When we originally purchased Datacore (in 2014) it was on a perpetual basis and provided exceptional value for money. We have renewed our DataCore solution this year, in 2019, and have found that DataCore has moved to a subscription model. Not only was the initial licensing far higher than previously, partly due to additional storage requirements but also because we can no longer acquire a 'limited' license and we also find we now have a large subscription to pay each year.

Head of Repair at a logistics company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Real User
Apr 19, 2019

As a policy, we tend not to over-commit our storage (a feature I'm sure others find really handy). There is no way of quickly matching the exact size of a vDisk to a disk pool. I can't think of any other features that SANsymphony needs - it is a very comprehensive storage solution.

it_user1068330 - PeerSpot reviewer
IT manager at Sciences Po Bordeaux
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Apr 17, 2019

Even though it is easy to administrate, the initial installation and configuration can be complicated. The alert system could have more features.

Real User
Apr 16, 2019

An easier way to open a service call, right through the DataCore GUI, would be an improvement, especially when there is an urgent issue.

kevinblachon - PeerSpot reviewer
IT manager at SRADDA
Real User
Apr 11, 2019

I would like for it to improve into a more ergonomic management console and a translation into the French language. It should have some process for a shutdown of a VM properly in case of a problem.

Real User
Apr 9, 2019

* Better integration into backup solutions like Veeam * An HTML5 feature GUI will improve usability.

System Administrator at Superior Water And Air
Real User
Apr 9, 2019

Installing updates could be a bit more straightforward and easier to install. I have only installed one update on the systems, and for that, I had to bring in outside help that was more knowledgeable with the product than I currently am. He also had to contact DataCore support for assistance as the update did not go smooth. I also did Windows updates at this same time as it was strongly suggested to me not to do the Windows updates as they are released. The Windows updates were installed with no problems and caused no problems to the system.

User at Kommunaler Sozialverband Sachsen
Real User
Apr 4, 2019

* The client console should be improved. It starts slowly and heavily. * After a long time (idle), the displayed information is no longer completely reliable. You have to close and reopen the console for current data. (symptom after upgrade to PSP8)

System Engineering at Patriot LLC
Real User
Mar 28, 2019

There's very little that I can find in their software that I would say needs to be improved. Sometimes the updates are too frequent, where just as we finish updating all of our sites, another update comes out. The de-dup console is not yet integrated inside the main SANsymphony console. They are working on it but it's not there yet. While their console allows you to connect to each of the nodes without closing the interface, you have to log out and back in when you switch between different storage server groups. It would be nice if they had an interface more like vCenter, where you see all of the server groups in a list and can just click on each group. It would be nice to be able to see multiple groups at the same time. Having more of an Enterprise approach (v/s a local storage cluster) view would provide better management of the environment. For example, their current reports can only be run for each storage server group. There is currently not a way to run the same reports or look at performance across the enterprise (only the local site). Having an enterprise "Storage Dashboard" that can show capacity, usage, performance, and any issues would be very beneficial. Currently, DataCore does not have this. They recently added a web-based dashboard called DataCore Insight Services (DIS) to their product. However, you will need to be on their subscription-based model v/s their traditional yearly maintenance-based model. Also, the current DIS product does not span multiple storage groups and is in its infancy and is still very rudimentary in nature. However, knowing DataCore's track record for fast, innovative development, I know it won't be long before they get it right.

MichaelP - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of IT at United Planet GmbH
Real User
Mar 18, 2019

* It will help if there is a possibility to backup the vdisks directly. * An idea could be that there is a second storage just for backup which doesn't count to the license usage. * A better (and easier) tool to detect performance issues.

AndrewBouwhuis - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Administrator at Lan Professional
Mar 15, 2019

The only area I see lacking with DataCore is their support. It's not very good at all, and it's frankly, very frustrating and has almost caused me to swear off the product. With that said, the product itself (especially when working) is developed and runs very well and because of that I will keep using it.

Johann R. - PeerSpot reviewer
User at Groupe d'Aucy
Real User
Mar 14, 2019

I think the performance reporting can be improved by adding historical statistics into a database for the purpose of comparison. A capacity planning solution would be a great addition.

it_user1032471 - PeerSpot reviewer
Commercial Director with 1-10 employees
Mar 10, 2019

Deduplication works but implementing it is complex.

Administrateur Systèmes et réseaux at Centre Hospitalier de PAU
Real User
Feb 26, 2019

DataCore is currently working with Veeam software for a better integration; this is my only desired missing feature today. With this feature, Veeam do a snapshot on Virtual Machine, then snapshot the storage. When storage snapshot is done, Veeam remove the Virtual Machine snapshot to avoid long period snapshot. With a VMware snapshot period smaller, consolidate will be faster and production will be less impacted. Then Veeam save VMs directly from storage snapshot without VM performance impact. When Backup Job is done, veeam ask to Datacore to remove Storage snapshot without any VM interruption or impact performance.

reviewer1003731 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at a non-profit with 1,001-5,000 employees
Real User
Jan 31, 2019

Maybe adding a Linux data manager, and moving away from Windows. It has become more reliable when using 2012/2016.

Larchevesque - PeerSpot reviewer
Administrator at CD93
Jan 16, 2019

Additional features that should be included in the next release are "application performance and storage" (new tuning and troubleshooting options).

Technicien SIC at SDIS 58 - Service Départemental d'Incendie et de Secours
Real User
Jan 10, 2019

* A web console in HTML5 could help us to manage storage from any computer. * Veeam cannot directly access to DataCore storage at the moment; this feature would improve snapshot.

IT System Administrator at Molkerei Ammerland eG
Real User
Dec 20, 2018

The management: management should take place via OS-independent access. Here a web-based client would be desirable.

jfourrier - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Manager at IMS
Real User
Dec 19, 2018

The heavy client mode console should be improved by having a web console to improve accessibility. Also, the analysis time on the storage increase is one month now. This could be improved.

Senior Manager at Leisse & Soehne GmbH
Dec 12, 2018

The product runs stable in the background and does what it should do, so I don't have any special issues at the moment, but increasing performance and improving the user interface for easier setup is always a good idea.

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Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot
Aug 18, 2023
How do you or your organization use this solution? Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences. Thank you!
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System Engineering at Patriot LLC
Mar 28, 2019
We use this solution for providing software-defined storage that is virtualized, in a true HA configuration. It provides SAN storage services to VMware vCenter hosts and VMware Horizon hosts, as well as some physical Windows and Linux servers. This platform allows us to leverage any storage that Windows can leverage, including other vendor SAN devices. This allows us to keep existing storage, mirror SANs from 2 different vendors and even allow very easy migration from one vendor to another. Most of our locations just use RAID attached storage (as it is the least expensive) with enterprise-class drives (both HDD and SSD).
Presales Engineer at a computer software company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Mar 13, 2021
I work with many customers that ask us to put their solution near the production because they can't stop the production. It's easier to protect the network this way.
Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot
Aug 18, 2023
Hi Everyone, What do you like most about DataCore SANsymphony? Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community!
2 out of 16 answers
System Engineering at Patriot LLC
Mar 28, 2019
The ability to pool the storage to leverage thin-provisioning is a huge saving in space and costs.
Presales Engineer at a computer software company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Mar 13, 2021
It's a software storage solution that can scale as we like. There is also has a parallel feature that enhances the performance of the storage solution. We can separate storage and computing, and we can scale these two parts of the platform to meet business needs efficiently.
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