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What is your primary use case for Arista Networks Platform?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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It basically is the switching room platform for both of our data centers. We've got two private data centers in California. We are fully upgraded, so we are running the latest version of this solution.

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The solution is primarily used for colocation services, as an extension for various platforms, and also mainly for new setups of data centers. They've played a role in top-of-the-rack features and also for data center extensions like VXLAN. We have users that use Arista for their financial software testing due to their low latencies.

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We are manufacturers for certain storage platforms and we have our own storage software for enabling GPU clustering. We work more in the video segment. We have our own solutions that we put on that particular cluster which enable a remote workspace management portal for people who are into content. We don't generally provide solutions for micro-level storage customers that are dealing with your retail data or the like. We specialize in macro-computing, video analytics, audio/video editing solutions, editing over the cloud, and remote editing of spaces. It's a very specialized platform. We set up a private cloud architecture for customers. There are certain customers who are large-scale photo editors, video editors — companies like BBC — that are in the content business. They don't want their content to be on multi-user platforms. They want to have control of their platforms. We have a solution where they can have a YouTube-like experience, but it's totally private. We have very bespoke solutions for media-related mining.

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It's our main platform. We centralize all network functionalities inside of our hospital network in two locations. From the data center to the distribution level. In the past year, we have implemented this solution in two new hospitals. Arista is on the core and distribution layer, so our experience is approximately six core units and 36 lead switches of Arista and the pooling layer three overlays that they are providing. We are using the most recent version, the release tracks had some overlap. Arista is suggesting a change to the release track. Arista has been in our network since we started the new hospital building in August. We are striving to exchange all existing hardware with Arista.

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We use three different models of the 7000 series switches to make up the network in one of our data centers. We use the 7060SX as an active leaf, the 7260 as a border leaf, and the 7500 series as the spines.

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