What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Perfecto?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
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Rodrigo Candido Costa - PeerSpot reviewer
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Oct 7, 2022

Perfecto's price is excellent compared to other products with similar features. It was the lowest of the three we evaluated. We also established a partnership with Perfecto, so they provide discounts when we sell Perfecto projects and licenses to our customers.

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Sep 18, 2022

It's definitely on the higher end of prices for this type of service.

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Aug 13, 2022

Pricing-wise, it is fine. It is not as expensive as what we used to have in the past from HP, IBM, and others. It is decently priced.

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Aug 1, 2022

I got a quote for one device the other day. It was $1,300 for two years. That's a little expensive, but it's okay. There are no additional costs. Support comes with it by default, other than if you need additional devices. Then you have to have that device credit, which is the $1,300 I mentioned.

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Jul 31, 2022

Pricing is an area where Perfecto can do a little better. When we obtain additional licenses, we enter into negotiations with them. For customers like us, who have been with Perfecto for many years, it would be helpful if there were more discounts available.

Kristina Bogojevska - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jun 12, 2022

I am not sure about its pricing, but from our perspective, licensing has been easy. Anytime I have new users or requests for users that want to get added, it's a very simple process. I just give the architectural owner of the product the name and email address, and they're able to easily add a new user. We don't have any issues in regards to getting licenses, but I don't have any insights into pricing.

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Apr 13, 2020

This is an expensive solution compared to others, by 30% to 40%.

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