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What is the impact of using AI and ML by HR vendors?


What is the impact of using AI and ML in HR Software (e.g., for hiring, employee engagement, etc.)? Does it have only positive sides?


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Hi @reviewer1690515,

AI & ML, if properly implemented within the HR domain, can greatly help. Some of the positive instances that are beneficial in every organization.

24/7 availability. Chatbots, the friendly customer-facing feature of powerful behind-the-scenes algorithms, can now simulate person-to-person conversation very well. Available any time on any device, chatbots offer the immediate response time that today’s users expect when they have hiring questions, benefits concerns, or training issues.

Automation. Think of AI as an intelligent partner to your HR professionals. With most teams trying to do more with less, AI platforms can support your workforce by automating transactional and repetitive work, freeing up their time to focus on other, more human, tasks that add greater value to the function.

Personalized communications. With the personalized experience we are used to in our day-to-day lives, business user expectations are higher than ever as well. Candidates and employees alike expect real-time access to HR resources, up-to-date alerts and enhanced communications, such as personalized information based on their location and preferences.

Real-time data. Nothing beats analytics when it comes to the rapid identification of emerging trends and problems. If significant numbers of your candidates or employees are asking the same questions or expressing similar concerns, you’ll know quickly and can move with speed to capitalize on opportunities and address problems before they escalate.

New Approaches to Old issues

AI also supports other positive changes across HR functions. With the right solutions and technology partnerships, AI can strengthen recruitment, employer branding, hiring and development and enable you to target and tailor your prospect outreach better and faster, making it more relevant and fruitful for both your candidates and your HR team. Plus, with deeper insights into your audience, you can promote your company’s culture and values in authentic, engaging ways, no matter who you’re trying to reach.

AI can also deliver important time savings in initial résumé screening. Today’s AI capabilities increase efficiency and can assess an applicant’s fit based on potential instead of past performance. The same is true for employee development and career pathing. Analytics can evaluate an employee’s prior work experience and performance, then suggest optimal development opportunities and potential advancement paths.

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