What features are important in user activity monitoring software?

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Mar 16, 2022

When choosing user activity monitoring software, look out for solutions that include these key features:

  • Real-time activity monitoring: Most modern user activity monitoring software will include a real-time activity monitoring feature. With real-time activity monitoring, you can monitor the activities taking place on a computer, in real-time. In addition, with access to real-time information, you can observe and analyze all the data.

  • Enterprise-level security: Look for solutions that take security seriously and promise to safeguard your data.

  • User activity reports: Being able to contain all user activity within user activity reports allows you to have one central location for all activity logging, and provides clear insights so that you can easily track employee actions as needed. User activity reports are crucial for organizations because they provide detailed visibility into employee productivity.

  • Malicious website blocking: This feature allows you to restrict employees’ access to websites that are distracting or unproductive. Typically, companies tend to block social media websites, gaming portals, or websites for entertainment and streaming.

  • Mobile-friendly technology: In today’s day and age, it is essential to choose software that offers a mobile-friendly version. Especially with the pandemic in full swing, it is essential to make sure employees can work from anywhere. A user activity monitoring software that has a mobile app will ensure your organization can continue to operate seamlessly regardless of location.

  • Productivity tracking: Making sure your user activity monitoring software includes a productivity tracking feature will help you track the performance level of any employee. By using productivity tracking, you can help your employees improve in areas of work where they are struggling, which will lead to an overall improvement of your organization and also boosts efficiency.

  • Activity-based alarms: By setting predefined conditions, an alarm can be triggered when an activity is performed that matches the defined condition. Having these activity-based alarms is useful, especially when you require notifications about unwanted or suspicious activity. The alerts can be set to notify you immediately, so you can attend to issues before they cause major destruction.

  • Flexible dashboard: It is helpful to have a user-friendly dashboard so you’ll be able to see and monitor everything easily, such as timesheets, balance sheets, productivity charts, attendance sheets, etc.

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