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What do you like most about Druva inSync?

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What do you like most about Druva inSync?

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It's incredibly fast.

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It has a straightforward installation.

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All the data is well encrypted. In addition, the data is split into pieces so that if an endpoint is attacked or compromised with any kind of ransomware, the compromised machine can be relocated or restored. All the data that was previously backed up can be restored from the cloud.

It has a lot of security features. Druva currently offers only the cloud version on AWS. Being a cloud solution, Druva goes by a lot of security compliances and provides a security portfolio. People are very skeptical of the data security in cloud solutions, and Druva has given consideration to that.

It has some good geo-location features. If a machine is lost, when the machine is switched on and connected to the internet, that machine can be geo-located and tracked. It also has got the geo-wipeout feature. If someone tries to take out the data from a lost machine, they won't be able to do that. The moment an IT admin comes to know that the machine is no longer with a user, he or she can auto-run the geo-wipeout feature so that the data cannot be read by any third party.

Duality replication is a unique thing about this solution. Everybody's data is not backed up if the data is common. Similar data is not backed up from other machines.

The data backup also happens very smoothly. The bandwidth choking is very less. When the data is getting backed up, the users do not even get to know. There is no impact even when the users are not using high-speed bandwidth.

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Our customers do not need to purchase third party storage or a separate server for data backup.

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The recovery aspect of the solution is its most valuable feature.

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You don't need a certified administrator to manage this product.

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