What DNS security tool do you recommend?

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Deena Nouril - PeerSpot reviewer
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Dec 8, 2022

I highly recommend Cisco Umbrella as a robust DNS security tool. I find its visibility to be its best feature. With Cisco Umbrella, we're able to see specific user names of whoever clicked on specific links. When you go through the reports, you can see what kind of threats were blocked. It also gives us a layer of threat detection while allowing us to be aware of who is doing what. Another really valuable asset is that it gives us the ability to categorize who should have access to what type of sites.

Cisco Umbrella has a comprehensive, very visual dashboard. Its single pane of glass saves time, effort, and the headache of having to open up multiple links and go to different dashboards. For monitoring, policies, and troubleshooting a specific case, everything is in one place. This saves me from having to go through the logs to know where to look.

This solution is simple to deploy and maintain. It’s really easy to integrate it into the environment without any heavy lifting. Users didn't even notice that we had implemented it. In terms of maintaining network connectivity, Cisco Umbrella is user-friendly.

Cisco Umbrella supports hybrid work environments. Within our company, even before Covid, a lot of us worked remotely. I think it’s important to have the flexibility and know that even if we work from home or from another place, we're still secure.

I’ve found a few interface issues, but all in all, our IT infrastructure team is happy with the product, as it definitely takes a lot of load off of our plate.

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