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Digital Marketing Manager at a non-profit with 51-200 employees
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What are the top learning management systems for corporations?

I am looking into learning management systems so I am comparing solutions. Can anyone provide some guidance? 

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Customer Success Manager at PeerSpot
14 September 16

Hi Sumeet,

I'm checking in to know how the answers to your question about Learning Management Systems impacted your decision-making for software choices, and if you found them helpful.

Feel free to share any challenges or discoveries that you've had in the process!


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Founder & CEO at a tech services company
10 June 16

Hi Sumeet,
I suggest Moodle LMS. It's open source, free, customizable, and it's compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It has a built-in feature that can allow to build the eLearning content and then make the content available to users. But I always develop my course content with a third party software like Adobe Captivate, presenter, Articulate studio and after that I upload the course content to Moodle LMS.

09 June 16

hi Sumeet

I agree with Wendy. First you need to define what you need.
I had experience with PeopleSoft ELM and Cornerstone LMS, and I preferred Cornerstone LMS.

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Product Marketing Manager at WORKPLACE SYSTEMS LIMITED
09 June 16

Hi, There are a range of options depending on what you need and what your budget is. There are solutions that are more bolt ons to existing HR systems, stand alone LMS systems or those that combine learning management with content production capabilities for you to build your own courses or pre-prepared courses from third party content providers already included in the system.

Do you need a multi language system or english only? How important is it to create your own learning content? Does it need to integrate with your HR or talent management system? The questions go on and on.

My advice would be to decide what you want to achieve with a new LMS before meeting vendors. There are some great impartial reports that compare LMS systems. I would recommend checking out the reports and blogs from Bersin by Deloitte or Fosway

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Inside Sales Consultant - India at Skillsoft
09 June 16

Hi Sumeet,

I understand that you are looking for Learning management systems, then you are at right place and contacted right company for this.
We at skillsoft provide Cloud based solution, We have over 20 years of experience in providing Technology Enabled Learning Solutions to leverage the Learning & Development processes for the organizations across globe. Our Users have consumed more than ONE Billion learning modules In 160 countries and 29 languages. Skillsoft's Extensive Learning Library contains Over 40K On-demand Books, 10K Videos & 10K Hours of Courses

If given an opportunity, I would love to show you on how we can help.
Thank you for your time and attention, I look forward to hear from you.

Madhavi B
Skillsoft | Office: +91 9100969021 |Mob:- +91 8008073896
Consultant-Inside Sales , India |
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LCMS Administrator at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
12 September 17
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