What are the pros and cons of Darktrace vs CrowdStrike Falcon vs alternative EPP solutions?

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Mar 31, 2022

Hi @reviewer1799568,

Most of these comparisons are opinions and some tests are done in specific conditions that might not suit or reflect your organization's needs and roadmap. Ultimately, the cost of a mistake is a data breach and not just an audit finding or operational discomfort.

I mention this because there are no viable shortcuts. I suggest you test the solutions thoroughly in your own environment to see what works for you.

The gaming floor is hopefully "air-gapped" and the solution should respect that segregation and still provide great security and visibility. One of the challenges is security updates.

For such an environment you would need comprehensive AI and machine learning. I suggest you look at the difference between IOC and IOA.

IOA vs IOC: Defining & Understanding The Differences | CrowdStrike. (Please also check other sources).

Good luck and stay safe!  

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Navcharan Singh - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jan 24, 2023

The pros and cons of Darktrace vs Crowdstrike Falcon vs alternative EPP solutions are something worth looking at before making a decision on which one is the best fit for your particular needs.

Darktrace is an AI-based cyber security solution that uses machine learning to identify threats faster and with greater accuracy than traditional approaches. It works by continuously scanning the network, learning its normal behavior, and then detecting anomalies or malicious activities in real-time. This can provide your business with an early warning system to alert you to potential attacks before they have a chance to do major damage. One of the biggest advantages of Darktrace is that it’s able to work without relying on vulnerable signatures, meaning no matter how complex or sophisticated an attack may be, it will still be detected. The other benefit here is the scalability—Darktrace can quickly scale up as needed in order to protect larger networks rapidly changing over time.

CrowdStrike Falcon is another popular endpoint protection platform touted for its cloud-based architecture and advanced threat prevention capabilities. Similar to Darktrace, it has some powerful detection technologies but differs slightly in terms of how it works as well as what kind of threats it’s designed for. While Darktrace focuses mainly on malware protection, Falcon primarily focuses on preventing data exfiltration attempts or unauthorized accesses from outside sources such as remote hackers or phishing emails trying to steal information stored inside your system files or databases etcetera CrowdStrike also offers a cloud-native approach which means they can update their signature database nearly instantaneously against any new forms of attack so you don’t need to worry about attackers finding ways around their protections even if they manage one vulnerability first time round. The downside here though could be a lack of control in terms of what type/level updates you choose – this varies depending upon the subscription level chosen by users.

Alternative EPP solutions include those offered by vendors such as Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) and McAfee, these often have greater coverage when compared with software like CrowdStrike, however, you should bear in mind that these providers tend not only to charge more expensively but they also come bundled with additional features like anti-virus software, etc., which depending upon your desired goal may prove superfluous thus leading ultimately into cost waste rather than efficiency gain. SEP notably boosts robust customization abilities whereby customers are given generous freedom within setup policies - allowing them fine grain authority over endpoints rules set up e.g. whether particular application file types can run, allowing internet connection, etc. (elements not quite present within CrowdStrike) – although again there comes significant added expense via extra licenses required plus paywall obscurity associated with product tiers being unclear until we eventually reach checkout point.

In conclusion, all three services outlined here offer good suite options for businesses seeking out endpoint protection platforms. Each has respective strengths and weaknesses so careful analysis should help weigh out the pros and cons faced overall - consider particularly well whether the price tag is commensurate with potential user experience value gained meanwhile considering deeply what levels customizability offered suits own demands perfectly prior to forging ahead towards whichever choice deemed most suitable!

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Apr 26, 2022


I am told that Darktrace is a complimentary product that doesn't do any endpoint protection.

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