How does Crodwstrike Falcon compare with Sophos Intercept X?

How does Crodwstrike Falcon compare with Sophos Intercept X? Which is better and why?

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Dec 6, 2021

I like that Crowdstrike Falcon allows me to easily correlate data between my firewalls. Its detection and machine learning are very valuable features. Crowdstrike Falcon also successfully prevents malware in real time. I find that Crowdstrike Falcon’s dashboard is very user-friendly; Information is easy to find because of how it is presented and everything is linkable. Stability is fantastic and so is the scalability. You can easily create several endpoints without any issues. In terms of pricing, Crowdstrike Falcon is reasonable for all that it has to offer. I don’t personally have experience using their technical support, so I can’t speak for that.

Even though Crowdstrike has a well-recognized reputation, I think Sophos Intercept X is the most secure endpoint product out there for many reasons. Sophos Intercept X is easy to manage, simple to deploy, and catches everything, which I can personally attest to because I have run simulations against Sophos and other products, with Sophos always coming out on top. It successfully detects malware and protects against ransomware. Whatsmore is that Sophos Intercept X has a data loss feature that allows you to monitor and detect whether users are insecurely sharing information. Depending on which industry you are in, this can be especially helpful, if not very much necessary (for example, in the healthcare industry) to ensure company resources are safe and sensitive data and information aren’t compromised or exposed to malicious software. In addition, my experience with customer service has always been great.

Conclusion: If you have to choose between the two, I would suggest Sophos Intercept X, since I have been using it for years and have found it to be extremely reliable, responsive, and have had no issues with the software. Especially considering its price, the product is definitely worth it.

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May 10, 2023
Hello community,  I am a Senior Manager at a medium-sized tech services company. I have a client who is trying to decide which solution would be the best for them. Can you please provide a technical comparison between CrowdStrike Falcon and SentinelOne Singularity Complete? Thank you for your help.
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Hi ViJay - Are they open to other solutions as well?
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Julia Miller - PeerSpot reviewer
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Apr 10, 2023
Hi, We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information. Please share what you can so you can help your peers.
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Pre-Sales Architect at network techlab
Sep 19, 2022
I'm not directly involved in sales, so I can't comment on the exact price, but I know the price decreases the higher the quantity we purchase.
Sathya Paul - PeerSpot reviewer
Director Of Information Technology at TollPlus LLC.
Nov 22, 2022
The pricing is competitive and includes all features and support. I rate pricing an eight out of ten.
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