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Julia Frohwein - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Director of Delivery at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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What advice do you have for others considering ManageEngine Log360?

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering ManageEngine Log360, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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IT Security Admin at a university with 501-1,000 employees
Real User
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18 January 21

Overall, on a scale from one to ten, I would give ManageEngine a rating of eight. It gives me a lot of information. Without the webinars, I'd give it a seven. If they improved their alerting capabilities, I'd give them a higher rating. For example, "Click here to drive down, and here are the recommended steps for evaluating this alert." If it did that, I would give it a rating of ten. That's really the thing that they need. They need to drive their traffic on their platform as opposed to you having to guess where to go.

ME Product Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
30 August 20

I am a part-time partner and I am a unique distributor. We're using the corporate version of the solution. It's the biggest version you can get. I'd rate the solution nine out of ten. I'm waiting on a new feature they promised us int he third quarter. Other than that, the solution has worked quite well for me and offers almost everything I need.

Information Systems Manager at a non-profit with 1-10 employees
Real User
07 January 20

I purchased the Bulk Package which included the Log360 application. My advice would be to read the setup manual first and contact ManageEngine to assist you with any questions. When we performed a test setup, we had some unknowns so we contacted ManageEngine. They got back to us with some advice on how to approach the issues. We were able to solve the issues on our end. I would rate this solution an eight out of ten.

MohammadReza - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Manager at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Real User
07 January 20

I would recommend this solution to others. I have a friend who has installed it. I would rate this solution a ten out of ten, it's a very good application.

Babatunde-Olugbode - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Presales Engineer with self employed
25 December 19

The advice I'd give is that if you want to enjoy the solution to the optimal level is to make sure that the credentials are correct and not that you give the credential an expired password. In that regard, if you've on-boarded one or two devices with expired passwords, the application would not be able to approve them because it's not a tool to get information like that. It's a very nice solution and the graphics interface speaks a lot to that. The different graphs for marks that you can use with color to make sure that you have what you want. You can convert right from the interface and you can choose the kind of report you want. Do you want it to be in PDF? Do you want to get it as CSV? It's pretty nice. Then the other area that I want us to look at is if you are trying to get a certificate. There was a time we were trying to get the certificate and you had to go to the application to get it. Then you put it in and send that format to your certificate authority. Then bring it back or plug it in. But we didn't find it very straightforward. I would rate it a nine out of ten.

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Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Jan 07, 2020
Hi, We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information. Please share what you can so you can help your peers.
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MohammadReza - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Manager at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
07 January 20
There is a cost for each feature used.
Nurit Sherman - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Operations Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Sep 23, 2021
Hi community members, We know it's important to conduct a trial and/or proof of concept as part of the buying process.  Do you have any advice for our community about the best way to conduct a trial or PoC? How do you conduct a trial effectively?  Are there any mistakes to avoid?
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it_user791052 - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Director with 11-50 employees
13 August 18
Stick with the tried and true SIEM/Log Management Vendor that offers a free, online download and trial, easy to install and operate piece of software with proper documentation. A good example of that can be found here:
Kent Gladstone-USA - PeerSpot reviewer
Principal Solutions Architect at SAIC
13 August 18
Mark is correct but there are things to look for. Do you have a set of requirements? Not all log managers collect the information, not all log managers are easy to navigate, and not all log managers provide the reports your are looking for. Check to see how much data it collects so you can plan storage. Does the log manager compress the data or does it dependent on a third party tool? Do you know what you are collecting, and why? Are the logs used for security, sox audits or something else? My advise, before testing, is to gather and review you're requirements and test against that. There are lots of free trials. In fact if there isn't one on the web, contact the vendor and they'll give you something to try out for 30 days.
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