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What access management tools would you recommend to help with GDPR compliance?

What tools can be used to help make GDPR compliance easier? What are some specific features to look out for?

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I would go for RSA SecurID Suite due to strong compliance and continuous fast development. There are sections with handle access certification management, access request management, data access governance and business role management. As Microsoft has been breached in 2019 and recently Oracle joined "clouds", I would avoid embracing this IAM tool.  Okta and SailPoint also have a strong position. 

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Rony -

Access management is only a small part of GDPR compliance. GDPR is focused mostly on privacy and the use of data. It has the following seven (7) principles:

   -Lawfulness, fairness and transparency.
   -Purpose limitation.
   -Data minimisation.
   -Storage limitation.
   -Integrity and confidentiality (security)

Candidly, you can't "toolset" your way into compliance. It is far more procedural in nature. It focuses on how you treat PII data and how you assure privacy and end-user rights. Policies and procedures are the baseline that has to be developed and adhered to. They will vary with every organization and the data that you collect and/or process.  

You are also required to assure that any 3rd parties that handle (process) data on your behalf also follow the appropriate guidelines. 

Here's a good checklist for the elements you need to address:

GDPR compliance checklist - GDPR.eu


Chris Faist

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I would recommend Okta or HelloID (which includes Account provisioning , Acces Management, Password management, Self service & Workflow)> IAM: Identity & Access Manager | Tools4ever

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We recommend Algosec https://www.algosec.com/wp-con...

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