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Kronos WFC Scheduler and Ultipro (Ultimate Software) Scheduler

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Has anyone used Kronos WFC Scheduler or Ultipro's Scheduler? I am doing some research on the functionalities of each system.

Have you used either system at your company as a manager, EE, or administrator? 

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it_user861279 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We use UltiPro and are very happy with this system. We changed over from ADP and have not looked back. We use multiple modules - recruiting, onboarding, performance, etc. and they all work very well together. We do not currently use the scheduler, but i've seen some demos on it and it looks like it works really well. Good luck to you!

Megan Marvin, AINS, API - PeerSpot reviewer
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We currently use UltiPro scheduler. It is very user friendly. I really like the requests - to request time off as well as the scheduler.

it_user864321 - PeerSpot reviewer

We have used Kronos scheduler but it is not very user friendly. We have an older version of Kronos so that may be why

it_user862950 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We utilize Dayforce. UTA does not have the functionality we needed.

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I worked pretty intimately with Kronos timekeeping and scheduling (building and managing schedules for a hospital). I didn't find it to be the most user-friendly system, but it got the job done. At my current company, we use UltiPro. We don't currently have a need for scheduling shifts, but we do utilize their Time Management to track time off. It's generally more user-friendly, but can't always do what we would like it to do. They will soon be rolling out a brand new system though that I've demoed, and it looks to be amazing! I'd say to look into that and see if the timing for rollout fits your needs.

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I used Kronos WFS at my last organization and we had UltiPro as our Core HRIS product. At the time, UltiPro's system couldn't support our needs from a scheduling perspective. Kronos WFS is a very robust tool, but need to get it right and invest a lot of time and money upfront during the project planning and implementation. Would recommend if you move forward to definitely bring a project manager from Kronos on site to understand your business and scheduling needs, would be worth the investment in the end.

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We currently use UltiPro, but I have not personally used the timekeeping/scheduling module. During our demo of the module, it appeared very robust. I attended the UltiPro Connections conference for clients in Las Vegas this past March and their tech team introduced UltiPro Workforce Management which is an enhanced integrated time and attendance package. It is currently being rolled out to current clients and will be included in new client packages.

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When we implemented UltiPro in 2014, we had migrated from Kronos. We use UltiPro Time Management (UTM) for scheduling, requests for time off, and progressive discipline through the points system. The Time development team has been working on a new tool called UltiPro Workforce Management (WFM). WFM will provide greater flexibility and functionality for time-related actions based on customer feedback.

Deanna Criss - PeerSpot reviewer
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I use UltiPro as a system admin and have used almost all modules but as of yet not the timekeeping/scheduling. I have seen demos and heard good things, especially with the updates that are coming out soon - workforce management, I would consider inquiring about this with a demo with Ultimate if you have not done so already. Their system is great overall and I am sure this component is as well.

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I have not used it personally but I understand that Ultimate scheduling works really well. I also understand that Kronos is a very powerful and robust system.