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How does Kong Enterprise compare with Mulesoft Anypoint API Manager?

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Oct 26, 2021

The Mulesoft Anypoint API Manager was designed with its users in mind. Though it is a reasonably complex piece of software, it is easy to install and upgrade. While there are different things that one would want to keep in mind when setting it up, the overall process is straightforward. If you know what exactly you want out of the system, then the actual setup can be done with a reasonable amount of speed.

Users are not faced with great challenges when it comes to upgrading the program. The potential upgrades can take two forms. The actual software that runs the Mulesoft Anypoint API Manager does not require that many upgrades to keep it running with the most up-to-date code. This saves time and resources for those who use it. Additionally, if you want to increase the scale of your operations, you can do so with ease. The only real limit to your scaling ability is how much you are willing to pay. It is the type of program that is designed for the use of entities like banks, which may have to scale up operations a great deal.

The technical support team for the Mulesoft Anypoint API Manager operates with great efficiency and skill. When they are notified of issues, they do a triage and address them by order of severity and urgency. This speaks to their high level of professionalism. They are extremely responsive when issues arise and work quickly to arrive at a resolution.

Kong Enterprise has a number of attributes that make it a very effective program. Kong is a simple program to navigate. It is a next generation API platform that defies expectations. Although newer does not always equal easier to use, in this case, Kong pleasantly surprises. It is both simple to use and simple to scale up. However, Kong does not easily integrate with other solutions. This can be troublesome for organizations that run multiple solutions at once.


The Mulesoft Anypoint API Manager is an expensive solution which can be valuable if you can afford it. Kong Enterprise is a more cutting-edge solution. It has a lower cost, but at the same time has drawbacks which have to be carefully considered.

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