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Has any user tried using UFT 12.02 with Windows 10?

Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
QA Automation Engineer at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees

Has anyone tried using UFT 12.02 with Windows 10? I have not seen much information on user forums regarding UFT 12.02 installed on a computer using Windows 10. On a similar topic, has anyone used UFT 12.02 to test Microsoft's newest browser named the Edge? Are there any users who would like to share their experience with UFT 12.02 and Microsoft's Edge browser?

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Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
ExpertTop 5Consultant

More information on Edge Browser - Getting the version of the installed Edge browser is not clear cut. Using Edge, go to "Settings>>About this app." A number will appear in the format such as 20.10240.16384.0 The Edge version is the second set of numbers within displayed numbers. In our case above, the Edge version is "10240" which is the second set of numbers.

Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
ExpertTop 5Consultant

With regards to Microsoft Edge, I did more research on this using UFT 12.54. Microsoft Edge uses the Microsoft Webdriver to interact with UFT 12.54. Note, it is recommended to use Windows build 10.576 and greater to get better functionality with Edge browser and UFT 12.54.

Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
ExpertTop 5Consultant

The last PAM (January 2016) I read for UFT 12.02 had up to Windows 8.1. However, I did not see Windows 10 listed.

Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
ExpertTop 5Consultant

To answer the question why we have not upgraded to UFT 12.51 is because starting with UFT 12.50, HP changed the type of licenses, and due to workload and project deadlines we have not had bandwidth to do upgrade, yet. We have several UFT 12.02 scripts scheduled to run every day that are critical.

it_user368484 - PeerSpot reviewer

As seen in the Product Availability Matrix (Update 1) be advised that Windows 10 is NOT supported. UFT supports Windows 10 beginning with version 12.51

it_user232458 - PeerSpot reviewer

Hi Don,
We added Windows 10 support from UFT 12.51 and Edge will be supported in the next service pack of UFT

Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
ExpertTop 5Consultant

Update - UFT 12.54 supports Windows 10.

Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
ExpertTop 5Consultant

Yahia, thank you for your comment. I have noticed that in some cases a scenario may exist (such as a certain browser) that is officially not supported but may still work anyway. HP UFT 12.02 and UFT 12.51 cannot co-exist using concurrent licenses because starting with UFT 12.50 HP completely revamped the license functionality that will only work with UFT 12.50 and above. This can be a challenge if the customer wants to try UFT 12.50/12.51 while still using UFT 12.02.

it_user341058 - PeerSpot reviewer

Actually I used it with windows 10 on IE11 note edge but I used it for small project with normal functionality and it's worked fine without any issues.

it_user274233 - PeerSpot reviewer

Sorry but at work, we are stuck with Windows 7 and may not see Windows 10 for a long time.

Why 12.02 when the latest version of UFT is 12.51?

All you have to do is check the PAM file provided with each version to see what items are supported.

Don Ingerson - PeerSpot reviewer
ExpertTop 5Consultant

This information is very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

it_user236838 - PeerSpot reviewer

UFT 12.02 with Windows 10 has problems in 32 bit but runs in 64 bit

Real User

Thanks for sharing about UFT 12.02 with Windows 10. I have forwarded this requirement to our organization procurement department and the operations to find if any projects team using HP UFT QTP, however the project I support is not using so for. Right now I am using Ready! API SoapUI NG and Burp Proxy. Some one from the team may keep in touch with you soon if this is really applicable. Thanks again Good luck!

it_user361737 - PeerSpot reviewer

UFT supports Windows 10 beginning with version 12.51, however Microsoft Edge isn't supported

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