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What is WalkMe?

WalkMe is a top-ranked digital adoption platform provider that offers a codeless solution to organizations of all sizes to enhance the impact of their digital transformation strategy and increase user adoption. WalkMe also offers its services to enterprises, employees, customers, and products, assisting them in the transformation of user experience in the digital world. Through AI, analytics, guidance, and automation, as well as engagement, WalkMe helps users to complete tasks within different mobile applications, websites, and enterprise software.

Through their digital adoption platform, WalkMe allows organizations total visibility into the usage of applications and user behavior, to allowing them to improve digital adoption and increase results. Using the WalkMe digital console, organizations are able to create a data-driven experience and improve their strategies toward digital transformation.

WalkMe offers its users an integration center through which companies can use the digital adoption platform for different applications. Some of these include Salesforce, Segment, Amazon S3, Google Analytics, Slack, Gainsight, CVS, and Webhooks, and several others. The solutions that WalkMe provides for integrating with different software are categorized into four major sections and include guidance, (for creating walkthroughs for users for different platforms), engagement, (to notify users of different steps they should take), insights, (helping to improve different processes based on data), and automation, (helping system owners build automated processes with no coding).

WalkMe Features

As a digital adoption platform, WalkMe provides different features to help its clients achieve optimized performance for its users. Some of these features include:

  • Data features: Providing its users with detailed insight for digital adoption, WalkMe offers various data- and visibility-related features. They include management dashboards, enhanced by AI, as well as AI-based data entry diagnostics, workflow analytics, and KPI management. The automatic reports from all of these functions provide insights for user behavior and assist companies to improve their services.

  • Action features: WalkMe offers no-code solutions for building and designing across applications and workflows. Organizations don't have to seek the help of developers to assist them with problem-solving, as the build feature of WalkMe helps them act promptly without the need for any coding expertise or knowledge. Similarly, they can take advantage of the design feature, which, through a conversational interface, automation, tooltips, and screen guidance, can apply changes to the user interface.

  • Experience features: The digital adoption platform offers various features to enhance the experience. They include personalization across workflows or devices for users; integrations; omnichannel experience through the web, desktop, and mobile; ensuring intuitive access and application adaptation to different platforms; and a technology feature, leveraging machine learning and AI for identifying user behavior.

WalkMe Benefits

As a high-rated digital adoption platform, WalkMe offers its clients various benefits, through the solutions and features it offers. Some of the benefits of this platform include:

  • Smart walk-throughs and tips for users to clarify processes and elements.
  • Analytics platform for product usage insight.
  • Self-help player menu for companies to organize resources easily.
  • Digital adoption solutions for enterprises, employees, customers, and product adoption.
  • Individualized offers for users, based on their needs and requirements.
WalkMe Customers

More than 1,500 enterprises globally, including over 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies: Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Cisco, CenturyLink, BMO, PayPal, Clarizen, Hulu, DB Schenker, Delta Air Lines

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