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What is Whatfix?

Whatfix is an award-winning digital adoption platform created to facilitate onboarding for businesses, as well as to assist them to improve support and reduce user training efforts. This software as a service (SaaS) platform offers in-app guidance for software products and web applications, as well as providing performance support, assisting companies in the creation of interactive walkthroughs in applications and programs. Through Whatfix, companies can achieve faster digital adoption for employees as well as clients. The use cases for Whatfix include not only digital transformation and employee onboarding, but also change management, user onboarding, user adoption, and remote training,making the platform a very versatile solution.

Through step-by-step walkthroughs, employees or users can be taught how to use a feature, and understand a software application very quickly through an interactive way of teaching. Whatfix provides different analytics and data reports to help companies, including allowing them to understand user interaction with applications and what they can potentially improve. The platform creates a seamless process for user learning, incorporating in-app pop-up messages that highlight the new changes in a software or explain valuable information in short format.

Whatfix ensures that employees receive assistance throughout the whole digital adoption learning process, providing them with a self-help option. Through it, they receive contextual self service in the form of flows, videos, and links.

Whatfix Features

Whatfix provides companies as well as their users with many features to help them take advantage of the platform’s full capabilities. Some of these features include:

  • Personalization feature: Whatfix offers the ability for companies to personalize the digital adoption walkthroughs for its users, adapting the process to their individual learning needs. In-app companies can display the essential information promptly.

  • Codeless feature: Whatfix offers its users the ability to use its services without any coding involved. The platform is ready to use and suitable for users with all levels of technical literacy, from beginners to experts.

  • Omnichannel feature: In order to further personalize the learning experience of user, the platform offers an omnichannel presence feature through which users receive personalized learning processes in their preferred format, including PDF, video, and more.

  • On-demand learning feature: Whatfix provides users with the ability to utilize full on-demand learning. Through this feature, training can be identified, delivered, and measured, all in-app. This makes learning adaptable to all enterprise systems as well as user touchpoints.

  • Security feature: Whatfix is a highly secure digital adoption platform, offering its users reliable services, as they are GDPR compliant and certified through ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

  • Smart content creation feature: This feature considerably reduces content creation time for organizations, as it makes the process automated and easier to employ. The technology it uses is context-aware, helping to achieve faster creation times.

Whatfix Benefits

Whatfix brings many benefits to businesses in their training of users for new technologies. Some of these benefits include:

  • Option for guides with smart targeting for user-level segmentation
  • Different options for how guides are displayed
  • Individual user-tracking for following of progress
  • Multiple touchpoints for enhanced communication with users
Whatfix Customers

AAA, Oracle, Heineken, HP, L'Oreal, BMC, Avnet, Cardinal Health, RCI

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