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What is QuanticMind?

Unify all of your data for a transparent path to revenue, simplify cross-publisher workflow, and optimize campaign performance with best-in-class bidding algorithms.

Unify All Your Data
Ingest data from ANY source! QuanticMind provides a unique solution to unify all your Publisher, Business, Inventory, Online and Offline data. The Platform then layers on contextual signals like device, weather, audience & location to empower your business to achieve Peak Performance.

Best-In-Class Bid Optimization
Cut ‘busy work”, focus on strategy! Maintain efficiency for your head term keywords and scale your long tail keywords with Artificial Intelligence. Define business goals based on flexible criteria, including impression share, and leverage advanced optimization techniques, including audience bid adjustments, to achieve the best return for your ad spend.

Streamline Publisher Management
Manage all your campaigns across publishers from one interface! Comprehensive, intuitive reporting and interactive dashboards make your campaign performance easily accessible. Eliminate siloed decision making with a centralized command center.

Optimize Your Campaigns with Machine Learning
QuanticMind’s Platform was built from the ground up to leverage the most advanced Data Science techniques, including Multi-Dimensional optimization. This enables groundbreaking bidding strategies that are exclusive to QuanticMind, including Profit Maximization, which maximizes the gross margin of every paid click.

QuanticMind Customers
ClearOne, HomeAdvisor, Windsor, archer education, Windstar cruises
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