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What is Perspectium DataSync?

Perspectium DataSync is delivered as a comprehensive application in ServiceNow that allows sophisticated data synchronization scenarios to be created without coding. Your data is secure and private due to end-to-end and at-rest encryption, and the performance of your application instances are minimally impacted due to “push” data streaming. By utilizing a message queue, DataSync removes the need for data endpoints to be up and functional all the time, eliminating risk of data loss during intermittent outages at the endpoints. Additionally, due to our use of message brokering, your data stream can be flexibly re-configured without any change to the source - allowing you to flow your data to different targets with minimal impact, and automatic schema creation and maintenance of your data lake means data appears as soon as the schema changes.

Perspectium DataSync Customers
Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GE, Rogers, Zurich
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